How to Unblock YouTube

YouTube is the place to go for any videos, and in a way, it has become an internet in itself. With over 5 billion videos being watched each day, there is something for everyone.

The problem comes when you find you are blocked from YouTube, which can become frustrating.

Here we will look at why it is blocked, and the best ways to unblock YouTube so you can have access to YouTube in almost every place.

Here we will look at the tips and tricks of bypassing these restrictions and users can find YouTube unblocked at school, at work or any of the other reasons you can’t watch videos.

YouTube is BlockedThe Reasons YouTube is Blocked

There are a few reasons you can find YouTube blocked, you can be in school or college, and the entire YouTube site is blocked.

You might be at work, and to stop employees watching videos instead of working, the boss has blocked YouTube on their private network.

To a certain extent, this can be seen as ethical, but there are other reasons you are unable to access YouTube.

Other reasons YouTube is Blocked are:

Licensing Restrictions

Depending on the owner or creator of the videos, they could place restrictions on where it can be shown.

This is why you find the thing you want to watch, and as soon as you click play, you are faced with the “Video unavailable. The uploader has not made this video available in your country,” message.

Country Censorship

Three countries at present block YouTube completely. These are China, North Korea, and Iran.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other countries which place a ban on specific content, and many of these will only be found once you hit the play button and get the message.

YouTube un-blockerWays to Unblock YouTube Videos

Before taking a look at the best way to bypass these restrictions, here are some examples of alternative methods that can in some cases be a quick solution as a YouTube un-blocker.

Making use of HTTPS

Depending on your location, it could be worth trying this first. It doesn’t always work, and you can still find YouTube is blocked after trying. It is though, the easiest way.

A lot of places only block a website by placing the site address as a blacklisted site, but what this does is just look at the outbound address. For YouTube, it might begin, ‘http://.’ In the address bar.

If you edit this and change this part to, https://. (note the extra S) it can be enough to sneak through the system, and you can then watch your blocked YouTube video.

Download Blocked YouTube

There are plenty of sites that allow the downloading of YouTube videos, this can be another quick way to get past any blocked video.

To perform this, all you need to do is take the URL of the searched; and blocked video and then paste it into the download box of the YouTube downloader site.

After a few minutes when you download blocked YouTube videos, you can watch the content. This method is slow, but if you know the video is worth keeping, you have it there to watch the video over and over.

Proxy Servers and Browser Add-ons to Unblock YouTube

A proxy server aims to work in the same way as a VPN. However, they do nothing regarding privacy and security and are only any good for being the link between a viewer, and a blocked video.

As a result, your data retaining ISP and any internet censorship agency that is watching for anyone accessing blocked videos will see precisely what you are doing. The problem with these is the address of each video will be different.

Because of this, you need to change the address for each video in your web proxy search box.

Since this method has been widely used, some developers have come up with browser extensions which help with the process.

When you use a browser add-on such as ProxTube or Ultrasurf, you have a link between your browser and proxy servers.

These can make things easier, but the choice of which extensions work will be down to the browser and the extension used.

Unblocked Youtube using VPNUsing VPN’s to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

If you want YouTube unblocked permanently, and giving you a way to bypass regional restrictions or censored YouTube videos. Then, no other option can do both apart from a VPN service.

With this information, users might think a free VPN is the option, but as good as some are, they do have their own significant downsides.

A VPN is supposed to protect a user’s privacy. However, some free VPN’s actually use their service to harvest data which they sell on to marketing firms.

The second reason, most come with a severely limited data allowance, and there are only one or two which give enough bandwidth for more than one or two videos.

A premium VPN service is the best way how to watch blocked YouTube videos, and when you have the best VPN for Australia, it is often the easiest way.

Finding a VPN which itself delivers the best service to Australia can be hard. Even here there is only a handful which provides top security and privacy.

Even something as simple as watching YouTube videos can be affected with the wrong choice of VPN.

ISP’s are well known for throttling a user’s connection when they are streaming. Top this onto the slightly lower speeds you receive from using a VPN and your videos can go back to buffering every now and again.

Out of all the options, you can find weak spots in even some of the top 5 VPN’s, but the one which ranked highest in most reviews is without a doubt the best YouTube VPN you can use. Device support and download speeds are best in the industry.

Now, any user has no excuse not to be able to watch YouTube videos that are blocked no matter where they are, or what device they are using.

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