How to Watch Supernatural Stream Online

Supernatural episodes have enthralled viewers since the show began back in 2005. With Season 14 ending, lovers of the show are eager for season 15 to begin.

This gives enough time to go back over full episodes of Supernatural season 14, to recap on the adventures of Sam, Dean, and their fight against all those things that go bump in the night.

Before looking where to watch Supernatural, we will look at the cast and show, and where the last full episode left the Winchester Brothers in their ongoing fight against evil.

Watch Full Episodes of Supernatural Online

Supernatural Cast Members and Episodes

The two boys were raised by their father to become hunters of thing that go bump in the night. Their mother was killed by something that was of unhuman nature when they were young. After 22 years, they set off on a quest to fight evil on their way.

Along the way, they learn what killed their mother and Sam played by Jared Padalecki starts to gain abilities such as death visions.

He senses people dying before it happens. All this is connected to their mother’s death, and every twist along their quest relates to him.

Sam and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) learn their father strikes a deal with the demon who killed his wife, so they no longer have a mentor to turn to.

All the way through every season, they have met many friends and demons. Misha Collins plays Castiel. It was he who brought Dean back from hell when he died in one of the earlier seasons.

Halfway through the first section of season 14 in Nightmare Logic, we saw the boys after a hunt that went wrong, and not knowing where Maggie has gone.

The second half of season 14 saw the brothers on their hardest quests yet. In episode 12 Prophet and Loss, Sam and Dean need to control the bloodshed.

After turning to the occult, Sam and Castiel head to a small town in Arkansas (Ep15 Peace of Mind) and find out it is far from what it appears.

As the season, progresses there are other great episodes such as Game Night and Jack in the Box where there is a string of mysterious deaths.

This leads to Season 14 Episode 20, which is the finale. Moriah sees Sam, Dean and Castiel was thrown into an epic battle, and an old friend shows up to throw in a cliff-hanger for season 15.

Where to Watch Supernatural Online

There are a few places you can watch Supernatural, yet these do not offer all the episodes, or there are other restrictions.

The show comes from the CW. With a VPN in use, you can head to the CW website. You can easily find Supernatural, but this is only for the last five full episodes that have been shown.

The problem here is there can be a replay from one of the earlier seasons, so the play order goes out of synch.

CW is one of the easiest channels to connect. So much so, you can sign up for Hulu, YouTube TV, and FuboTV to access The CW.

All of these offer a free trial, plenty of device support, and lots of other channel choices.

One other streaming service similar to these is DirecTV Now. This is a standalone service from AT&T. It is compatible with PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Like the others, you will need to spoof the service into thinking you are a US resident. This can be done with a VPN. A good VPN will allow you to change the server on a city level.

This can be important when signing up or for services, which are only available in specific markets.

They currently offer a one-week free trial, and then the cheapest plan is $35 per month. This service does have every season of Supernatural.

Once you select an episode on the website, it will ask you to buy or record to TV.

If you are not already subscribed, it will take you to the sign-up page. This service is great for streaming TV, Supernatural episodes. However, there is one final place you can find Supernatural.

American Netflix can allow you to stream Supernatural in any country with a VPN. This service does also have strict geo-restrictions, yet you can sign up in any country where Netflix has one of its libraries.

If you sign in, the service defaults to your home country, yet if you use a VPN and change the country to America, then it will think you are a US resident.

However, to do this in remote regions, you do need to use a fast VPN service to stream Supernatural online without buffering.

Best VPN for streaming Supernatural Online

Watch Supernatural with a VPN

It doesn’t matter which of the above services you use. Selecting one will depend on the extent you want to watch Supernatural streams.

The deciding factor will be once Supernatural Season 15 begins and you want to watch up-to-date episodes.

The best VPN for streaming live or on demand is ExpressVPN. This delivers the best streaming speeds and repeatedly bypasses any geo-restrictions that are in place.

It doesn’t matter where you are watching from; it delivers the same great performance.

Until the next season of Supernatural starts, you can sign up for this VPN and try all the features with any of the free trials on offer.

When you sign up for this VPN provider, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel this isn’t the service for you, you can then cancel without needing to give a reason.

Either way, you have one month to make the most of this VPN and it will enable you to watch SPN online free.

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