What is a SmartDNS and How Does It Work

A smart DNS proxy like it name suggests, acts as a proxy between a computer or any other device trying to connect to the internet, and the internet itself.

How does SmartDNS work?

A smart DNS service consists of a network of servers located all over the world. When you use their service, all of your data is re-routed to a server on their network first and foremost, and from there it is then sent to its original intended destination.

What is a SmartDNS

unlocator is the best smart dns

A service such as this is used to bypass location restrictions, also known as geo-blocking.

Services like these are very common these days because of the vast amounts of restrictions imposed on 90% of the content out there.

There is a pretty good chance that something we can see here in Australia is blocked somewhere else in the world.

For example, if you want to watch HBO Go and perhaps get latest episodes of GoT or Westworld as soon as they are aired, then you will need access to a service such as this.

Similarly, if you want to get Hulu Plus to watch some of the best comedy shows to ever air or get American Netflix and binge watch a plethora of TV shows and movies then, you guessed it, will need access to either a Proxy or a VPN service.

Smart DNS vs VPN service:

A DNS and a VPN service work more or less the same way, by routing all of your data through a server of their own when access to Internet content is restricted based on user's geographical location.
Some of their differences include:

Smart DNS vs VPN

1. Price: A smart DNS is usually much cheaper than your normal VPN service and will cost only about half as much.
2. Protection: A VPN provider will also encrypt all of your data when it is rerouted from its server, protecting it from any would-be attacks.
3. Security: VPN’s are usually only used for security purposes by businesses and individuals alike.

For simple streaming, there is no better option than a DNS proxy. But you have to be careful when using any such service that acts as the middleman because it can send any harmful malware back to your computer, stealing your personal information or leeching off your internet connection. That’s why free services are not recommended.

What is the Best SmartDNS?

unlocator smartdns

unlocator is the best smart dns

Unlocator is the best in the business at the moment. It has support for about 218 channels at the moment, and this number is expected to grow at a constant rate.
Unfortunately for us, smart DNS Netflix is not supported at the moment.

Recently Netflix has brought down the hammer on many of similar services including some VPN’s and banned most of them.

The copyright holders have started to put an annoying defense, and along with some governments, the restrictions have gotten worse.

At this point, I should remind you that it is against the policy of some streaming services to access restricted content of another region.