How to Watch Westworld in Australia

Without having Game of Thrones to watch, there are many Australians who are searching for the biggest thing on TV to fill in time until the next series.

This spot is filled by Westworld season 2 which is loosely based on the 1973 classic movie of the same name, and follows the highly acclaimed Westworld Season 1.

Westworld season 2For a show to keep watchers enthralled, there is nothing better with its twist and turns and compelling storyline.

The Westworld streaming will give you a show which is all about a theme park which is occupied by androids who are there to fulfill human’s hidden desires no matter what they wish for.

With the second season of Westworld episodes being eagerly awaited by Australians, they are looking for the best ways to view it as soon as it is released.

Watching Westworld on HBO Now

HBO Now is an American TV channel on demand service. Unfortunately, there is still no HBO Australia available. It is possible to watch it with the Foxtel Drama pack, but with extortionate rates. It isn’t worth shelling out that much just for one show.

Westworld on HBO NowThere are a means of accessing a Westworld HD stream in a way which is much cheaper and can also allow you access too many more streaming services which are geo-locked and are unavailable in Australia.

The way to do this is by means of using an Apple TV media player, the best VPN service in Australia and also creating a fake US iTunes account. If you follow this route, you can access this account which works out quite a bit cheaper than the Foxtel option.

Details on how to watch Westworld for free are included in other areas and are easy and straightforward to follow instructions.

Westworld on Other Streaming Services

You might be wondering if there are other places where you can view Westworld rather than just HBO. Perhaps Westworld on Netflix is a possibility? (Here’s how to get Netflix America)

Unfortunately this is a big NO. Both Netflix and HBO are rivals in content creation, and both cover the same region.

HBO will dictate where and when the Westworld TV series will be broadcast which all comes down to publishing rights and royalties.

If there isn’t enough money to be made, they won’t allow access to any Westworld episodes, and if they do it will only be once the entire series has concluded, and then it is likely the episodes will be a paid-for option in one form or another.

How to Watch Westworld 2 Now

To simplify everything, any Australian who wishes to stream Westworld and watch it in line with current viewing in the US needs a good top VPN provider. A top VPN service will allow for high download speeds which prevents buffering, and a service which can bypass all the geo-restrictions. It will also enable access to not only HBO but also to the US Netflix and the BBC iPlayer to name but a few.

Watch Westworld 2 NowA service this good won’t be a free VPN service because none of these can provide users enough to watch episode series in succession without reaching the data limit or buffering of the HD content.

The most highly recommended VPN for Australians is ExpressVPN. The 12-month premium package now comes with 3-months free which is enough to cover the cost of your subscription to watch Westworld 2 in its entirety.

You can also be sneaky and sign up for the free trial of HBO and time it right by flicking through the Westworld episode guide and make use of the free period to watch these episodes for nothing.

More Protection

As soon as you decide to choose ExpressVPN, you can sign up in a matter of minutes and follow the instructions in the confirmation email and make the ExpressVPN download.

From here you will find your connection is fully protected and you can connect to any geo-locked location for a multitude of devices.

If you want to catch up with the latest episode of Westworld on the go, you can have this world-class VPN on your Android or Apple phone and watch any show as if you were sat at home.

Within a few minutes of installation, your connection will prevent any snoops or your ISP from seeing which content you are accessing.

Data retention worries will become a thing of the past, and you can watch Westworld to your heart's content or any of the top class HBO programs until the next series of Game of Thrones begins in 2019.

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