How to Watch UK TV Abroad Online in Australia

There are quite some popular UK TV shows that people want to watch abroad. If you aren’t a fan yet, watch an episode of Doctor Who, and you sure will get hooked on to the series. While the BBC is quite popular, there also are other players like Sky, Channel 4 and iTV.

UK TV Doctor Who

Watch TV Abroad

Each one of them has their own on-demand streaming service, but you can’t access any of them. Because of the licensing and copyright laws, the channels won’t provide the content to regions outside of the UK.

How to watch UK TV channels online

All the popular TV channels in the UK have their content available online, whether it is Emmerdale or Downton Abbey on iTV Player or Made in Chelsea on 4oD. While you can get iTV live and on-demand with the iTV Player, the 4oD player is the Channel 4 on Demand service.

watch UK TV channels onlineThen there, of course, is the good old BBC. You can get its amazing content online with the iPlayer. When it comes to UKTV streaming, BBC iPlayer is the one, most of the people turn to. And you know, what’s the best thing? All the services mentioned above stream their content for free.

Tempting, isn’t it? But they won’t allow you to watch the shows here, officially. Yes, there are unofficial ways. Let’s tell you about the ways to watch UK TV online abroad.

Watch UKTV in Australia

There are several other reasons for this restriction except for copyrights and broadcasting rights, but these are the most prominent ones. But how do they know where you are?

Whenever you want to watch something online, your device makes a request to website’s server. Along with this request, your IP address also is sent. With this IP address, a server knows the location of any device online. Every region has a separate set of IP addresses.

So, now you know if you can fake your IP address, you can get past this geo-restriction. And there are easy ways to do so, like using the top VPN for Australians.

Access UK TV with VPN

Using VPNs is the most popular way to get access to geo-blocked services, and why not, they are so easy to set up. When you connect to a VPN server in the UK, you get a local IP address of Britain. Your real IP address is still the one provided by your ISP, but the VPN server hides it.

Access UK TV with VPN

Watch TV Abroad

Any website you visit sees you as someone in the UK. Paid VPN providers like ExpressVPN provide you with a strong encryption which lets you browse the websites with full privacy and anonymity. Once you get connected, you can watch BBC iPlayer, get to access live 4oD stream and also iTV Player. You can check our articles to know about VPNs and also ExpressVPN review and others. ExpressVPN also is available for many devices so you can be sure you get its services whatever device you stream UKTV shows on.

There also are free VPN services, but paid ones are more reliable. Once you get access to the services in the UK, you will also be able to catch Netflix UK or Amazon UK content if you like.

Watch UKTV with Smart DNS

Next in the line to hide your IP address online are the Smart DNS proxy servers. Smart DNS software like Unlocator UKTV with Smart DNSfiddle with the DNS configuration to spoof your location.

If you connect to a UK server, you appear to access the streaming from the UK, and thus BBC or any of them allows you without any restriction.

But they do not encrypt the network as in VPNs. They also do not tunnel the entire traffic through their servers. All they do is the redirection of location-related data, and because of these functional differences, you get better speeds with SmartDNS.

TV licensing regulations in the UK

To get the streaming of TV channels online, you should have a TV licensing regulations in the UKworking TV license in the UK. This is because of all the British streaming services, be it iPlayer or 4oD, provide their services for free.

They allow you to watch their content because you already are paying for their TV channel services.

They do not perform any background checks when you register, but they do ask for a valid UK postcode.

Provide your personal details, and upon successful registration, you can enter the British world of entertainment. The process is almost same for all the UK TV services. Some of them also have a premium service which gives additional benefits.

Wish you a trouble-free experience!

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