How to Watch UFC Online & Bypass Blackouts in Australia

Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC for short, is a mixed martial art promotion company, and if the name alone wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, then the fierce and bloody matches sure will.

Watch UFC Online

Unfortunately for us Australians, there will be UFC Fight Pass blackouts restriction imposed during the matches.

If you didn’t know already, a black restriction is set by broadcasting companies during sport events, when they don’t want to air the matches live to a certain region.

In the olden days, this would pose a huge problem and you would normally have to wait hours or days before you could watch the matches yourself, and by then the chances of it getting spoiled by someone was pretty high.

How to Bypass UFC blackouts?

Fortunately for us, these restrictions are only imposed on certain areas, and by accessing the content from another region, one that has no such no UFC Fight Pass restrictions, you can easily view the matches as they take place.

How to watch UFC PPV Free?

Bypass Blackouts in AustraliaTo watch UFC live, you will need a VPN service, or a proxy. A VPN provider’s job is to connect your computer to a server on their own network, and of your data is passed through this server.

To access any region blocked content, you simply have to connect to the internet through a server that is located in an area without any restrictions. Simple as that.

All VPN services will restrict your internet speed by a certain amount. Restrict is not really true actually as there is no other choice.

Because all your data first passes through a private network, an extra step is added in accessing the internet and your connection speed is reduced by about 15 to 45%.

The solution is to find a VPN service that reduces your speed the least while streaming the best content at a great resolution so you can clearly see each and every blood drop clearly.

The best VPN service providers that fulfil all of these requirements are not easy to find. Each one is lacking something, but after thorough examination we have found the top two VPN providers.

best VPN service

ExpressVPN: this is an old name in the industry by now. It is associated with quality and top performance, that’s why it does cost a bit.

• To start off, it comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee, if you change your mind or don’t like the services they provide, you can get your full money back.
• With servers located in more than 94 countries and 145+ locations worldwide, you will have no problems choosing a place from which you can easily view your matches.
• Very simple and easy to use, subscribe, download and get started.

NordVPN: This one tailored towards those that want more from your normal VPN providers.

• Provides up to 2048-bit of encryption for your data
• Massive network
• So many extra apps that make your experience much better.
• Full compatible with all major devices.

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