How to Watch TV Online When Travelling (Never miss a show)

No matter how much you love travelling or job (which involves travelling within the country or outside), there is one thing which many people miss.

And that’s their favourite TV channels. No one likes to leave their favourite TV shows midway. But they have to, be it because of a project or an emergency.

TV Channel on the go

travel safely with a vpn

If none of the above is the case, you may need to access live TV channels when you are off for a vacation.

A week-long vacation can be irritating if you don’t get the episodes of your favourite TV series. Isn’t it? Yes, the hotels have televisions, but you may not be present when the TV shows you want to watch, air.

Or the situation is that the cable network of the hotel doesn’t broadcast that TV channel. Possibilities can be endless and so are the solutions.

Live streaming apps – TV on-the-go

The best solution to you missing any episodes is a mobile app, and almost all TV broadcasting networks have one.

You won’t miss an episode of How to Get Away with Murder with the ABC iView app installed. Or you can go on the latest Food Safari with SBS on Demand.

Watch live channels of the Channel Seven network with 7Plus or catch up some free TV with the free-to-air Channel Streaming on travelNine’s 9Now or Channel Ten’s TenPlay. And all this is available on your device anytime, anywhere.

Apart from the above-mentioned online TV streaming services, there also is the famous Netflix, and not to forget Google Play and Apple iTunes. But there arises another problem when you travel abroad.

You can’t watch TV online if you are not on your home network. All these on-demand TV streaming services are geo-restricted to Australia. Be it iView, 7Plus or 9Now, none of them works in a foreign country.

Although Netflix, Play, and iTunes work across borders, they have a different set of program catalogue for each country. The programming is done in the way that they know your location even if the GPS is off.

How and why?

Geo-restriction is implemented with the help of IP addresses provided by the Internet Service Providers. And these IP addresses are different for different countries.

Live streaming services with VPNWhen you open the apps, the server on the other side checks your address and decides accordingly.

But why would someone do that? Because of the licensing terms and conditions, and it restricts all those favourite programs of yours, to Australia. But you can bypass this block with the help of a VPN service provider.

How does a VPN help?

When you take subscription of a VPN service provider, you can then connect to their network of servers. Service providers like ExpressVPN and Nord VPN have servers all around the globe to give you unrestricted access.

Unblocking TV channel using VPNLet’s assume you are vacationing in Spain. If you want to watch something on TenPlay, you should connect to a VPN server in Australia.

Once you establish a successful connection, all the data sent and received on the network passes through that secure VPN server in Australia.

The IP address from the ISP in Spain is hidden, and your device now has an Australian IP address.

Now, when you connect to TenPlay, you won’t get any error. Apart from an unrestricted access VPNs also provide you with security, but don’t trust the free ones.

To get the best protection go with the paid ones. They encrypt all the data passing through their servers and won’t letnetflix abroad anyone know you are watching local content on foreign land.

And you can also use VPNs while at your home. Similar to Australian TV channels, the content of HBO, BBC, and the others are available only in their respective countries.

With a connection to a server in the US, you can watch the Game of Thrones episodes on HBO Go as soon as they are available.

If you are a Doctor Who fan, switch to a British VPN server and you can watch it live on the BBC iPlayer. And you also can view all those content available on the American Netflix or Hulu Plus which are not available here.

This VPN thing is confusing; I can’t use it…

Believe me; it isn’t. ExpressVPN, as well as NordVPN, have apps to simplify the setup process. All you need is to download, log in with your account and buy the subscription. Select where you want to connect to, and the technical process starts in the background. It’s as simple as that.

To read more about VPNs, you are welcome to browse our articles. Enjoy your vacation, unrestricted.

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