How to Watch The CW Live Stream Online in Australia

The CW is a free to air channel in the USA. It is a culmination of Warner Bros and CBS, so it has some of the most enthralling shows on American TV.

Because it usually comes as part of a cable subscription, it means fans of shows such as Arrow, Supernatural, Dynasty, and others can find it hard how to access these from Australia and any other country.

While it can appear to be hard, it is easier than you think to watch CW shows in any country.

watch CW shows in any country

After a quick look at what The CW offers, we will look at the options viewers have for accessing this channel, and what options there are to watch CW live.

What Does The CW Offer?

The network makes it easy to access some of the favourite shows for free. This can come from either of their two apps they have.

The CW app is available from the app store for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows. This enables users to watch everywhere with no login, free, no subscription necessary.

There is a couple of downsides, and that is, you can stream the latest episodes. In most cases this is the latest five from any particular season; however, if there are reruns, these can interrupt the scheduling of a show.

You can download the app and stream on TV’s such as Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Xbox, and many more.

Once you open the app or the website, you will see all the current episodes. With Black Lightning, The Flash, and the hit series Riverdale.

While there is no need to install the app, it does make for better viewing. If you want to stream the hit series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the new Nancy Drew, or Legacies, which takes place in Mystic Falls, as did The Vampire Diaries.

CW has the second side to their services, and this is CW Seed. This is older shows where you can catch every full episode of shows like Alcatraz, The Tomorrow People, Schitt’s Creek, Constantine and Blade, The series.

This differs as the content is all VOD, and there are no options for live shows, and it will be episodes aired anytime over the shows history.

How Does CW Block Overseas Viewers?

The CW streaming is blocked when viewers are outside the USA. Even trying to access the website requires the use of a good VPN.

It is through using a VPN provider that these blocks can be bypassed, and the following methods of watching CW live online will be possible.

These blocks are through a user’s IP address. When The CW sees these are not from the group allocated to the USA, then there is no access to any of the services.

VPN’s get around this by having servers placed in a great deal of countries (USA in this example).

When a user connects through their VPN client, their connection is encrypted, and they are given a new IP for that session.

How to Live Stream The CW in Australia

For a CW live stream online, there are a few ways, yet these differ in cost. The most affordable way is Hulu with Live TV.

This streaming service enables users to watch The CW live stream online in around 20 regions of the USA.

Because of this, it does need to use the best VPN for streaming TV that is live, as the VPN server will have to be changed to a different city.

Hulu costs $44.99 for the plan with live TV, and new subscribers have a 7-day free trial to test all the services they offer. There is access to over 55 different channels, with 26 of the top 35 cable channels in the US.

You can stream episodes of your favourite shows onto two devices, or you can use the 50 hours of cloud DVR. This can be upgraded to 200 hours at a cost.

Hulu also has a wealth of their own Originals. This sets them above many other streaming platforms who only show network shows.

Best Streaming VPN for CW in Australia

Choosing the Best Streaming VPN for Australia

The problem with streaming is it likes to use a lot of bandwidth. ISP’s know this, so once they see users are streaming, they may throttle their connection.

VPN’s do slow connections a little because of the encryption and spoofing of IP’s, yet it is nowhere are much as your local ISP.

IPVanish is popular, yet it offers a small global network. They also only give a 7-day refund window.

Although they appear to be a cost-effective solution, there are much better VPN alternatives for the same money or for less.

However, in the VPN world, you do get what you pay for. Support for Australia, and the best VPN for streaming being just two areas.

For any CW fan in Australia, there is no better streaming VPN than ExpressVPN. This spans over 94+ countries, with all of Asia and Australia receiving full support.

One great thing with this VPN is the ability to offer the fastest download speeds while maintaining some of the best anonymity and privacy while on the internet.

It is features like this, which allows it to continually bypass geo-restrictions from any streaming platform.

ISP’s can’t even tell when users are streaming, so there is no connection throttling to ruin a CW watching experience.

For new subscribers to test all the features and the performance gains of this premium streaming VPN.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that users can easily cancel with no questions being asked.

No matter if they sign up to Hulu to watch live, they can do so knowing they will not need to pay one single penny during this period.

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