How to Stream Seinfeld Online

Seinfeld is one of those shows that will never die and lives in many people’s hearts. The TV was written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and ran from 1989 to 1998. It totalled 9 seasons and has a total of 173 episodes.

The award-winning show unfolded with each season and grew in popularity as a result. Nowadays, lovers of the show are limited where they can catch every season of Seinfeld in one place.

The good news is there are a couple of options to watch Seinfeld online, and this is what we will go through here.

Before seeing how to watch Seinfeld episodes online, we will take a quick look at some classic episodes and the cast.

Watch Seinfeld Online

What Was Seinfeld?

The TV shows main location was based in New York City in an apartment block. Jerry and a group of his close friends went through life, and in many respects, there was no real structure to the show, it just flowed with great humour and lots of comedic lines.

The Money – Jerry buys a Cadillac for his parents who then sell it to Clompus while trying to give the cash back to Jerry.
He buys it back from Clompus and then needs to sleep in it because he’s got no money left.

The Abstinence – George refrains from having sex and becomes smarter as a result. At the same time, Elaine appears to be getting dumber.

George and Elaine are thrust together in a few episodes, such as ‘The Cadillac and The Revenge.”

Elaine discovers she has 57 messages because Kramer was trying to send a fax to her phone number in the 19th Seinfeld episode ‘The Maid.’

One of the funniest characters wasn’t a full-time one and was recurring. Len Lesser was better known as Uncle Leo who made his first appearance in 1991.

Jerry and George were best friends, and up to the close of the show, they went through many escapades.

Toward the end of the last season, George was trying to keep his Frogger high score while Jerry had more important things to do with a serial killer.

Where to Watch Seinfeld Online

Amazon Prime is now showing Seinfeld episodes. Like US Netflix, the US version of Prime video allows access to much more than anywhere else.

The sign up procedure is straightforward and only requires a few details with the hardest part being the addition of a US billing address.

These can be found on the internet. This helps Amazon think you are based in the USA.

Prime Video lets you to watch anywhere, and can be on phones, tablets or Smart TV’s. With three connections available, all members of the family can watch different shows.

The second option for many viewers who want to watch Seinfeld episodes online may be easier.

This is to use Hulu who actually bought the rights to the show; this means you are going to the shows owners.

Hulu comes with 2 packages. The cheapest being $5.99 with ads, or $11.99 without ads. The premium package with live TV costs $44.99 per month (with recent price increase).

To new subscribers Hulu gives a one-month FREE trial.

Once you download ExpressVPN, you can follow these Hulu sign up steps:

  1. Select a US-based server in the VPN client.
  2. Go to the Hulu website
  3. Click the ‘Start free trial’ button
  4. Select your plan
  5. Fill in the simple details, add an address, and Zip code. If you don’t want to use a real address, search for one on the internet.
  6. You are given an option of downloading the Android app, so download and install it unless you wish to stick to a desktop.

VPN to unblock Seinfeld

Watching Seinfeld with a VPN

Both of the above need a VPN to access any Seinfeld season. The problem is that not all VPN’s deliver on their promises or they fall short in some areas.

The second recommendation is a good example. The NordVPN free trial. This doesn’t exist, and it is their money-back guarantee.

As long as you cancel your subscription before the 30-days, you can get a refund.

Nord does takes its time to refund money, and the company wants to find out why you wish to cancel.

The best rated VPN service ExpressVPN doesn’t try to resolve why you wish to cancel at the end of their 30-day money back guarantee.

You cancel, you cancel, but most people who try the service decide to keep it for the premium service they receive.

Australian Seinfeld fans will not be blocked from any geo-restrictions and there will be no buffering, so you will never miss one of Seinfeld’s jokes.

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