How to Watch MMA Streams with Kodi

Kodi is the top media player in the world, and MMA is the largest sport in the world, and it doesn’t take long when the two heavyweights meet. Finding MMA streams often eludes fans for a couple of reasons.

Either the streams in the add-ons bypass this sport altogether, or the streams are geo-blocked, and for MMA fans in Australia, they find they are geo-blocked.

Here we will take a look at the best MMA add-ons for Kodi and how you can safely cross any borders and grab the latest hot shows.

You can also be sure to watch massive fights like the recent win by Henry Cejudo over T.J Dillashaw or wait for the next instalment of the Conor McGregor saga when it happens.

Here, we will take a look at the best ways you can watch MMA streams on Kodi.

Watch MMA Streams with KodiBest MMA Add-ons for Kodi

To save you all the hard work, we have gone through all the add-ons that access live streaming of MMA and whittled it down to ones that deliver the best experience.

Planet MMA

Just from the name, you can see what this Kodi add-on is all about. It might be the best add-on to live stream UFC matches.

This isn’t all it delivers because there is much more to MMA than only the UFC. The Planet MMA add-on can be located in the following repo: Supremacy repo If you want to make things easier, this add-on comes as part of the Titanium TV Kodi build.

Once installed you can head to UFC Fight Night and watch go back to watch any full match replay from UFC100 to the latest. Be sure to keep an eye on the MMA schedule so you can hit the button and watch any major fights from the very start.

Sports Devil

This add-on has been around for a while and is well-liked. There is a never-ending list of links for combat sports which should keep any fight fan happy.

The add-on presents things, so ease of navigation is a breeze, and you can quickly jump to Sports TV, Live sports.

Many users did find Sportsdevil not working in the latter part of last year, but now it is back in all its glory to deliver some of the best action from the top fighting championship.

It is also possible you can catch a free UFC stream if you check the add-on on the night of a major fight.

Fearless MMA kodi add-onFearless MMA

While not being one of the significant names in Kodi add-ons, this one delivers quite a punch. It was released a short time ago in its new guise and was previously known as Subzero and Versus. Now, it has been taken over and comes with a raft of improvements.

You can choose from all of the most popular channels such as Bellator MMA, The Ultimate Fighter, Muay Thai and Europe Cage Warriors and many, many more besides. This is the sort of add-on which gets spoken about in the Reddit MMA threads because of its broad range of free MMA streams.

White Devil Streams

This add-on brings plenty of UFC action, although when selecting, you need to be sure to choose the right channel stream.

When you watch UFC the leading broadcaster is BT Sports, so you need to hit BT Sports2, and if there is any coverage by SKY, then you need to hit Sky Sports Main Events. All in, there are well over 600 MMA free stream listed in this add-on.

If you are ready for LIVE TV, then head to UFC section, and you can watch whatever fight is live without using the BAMPS UFC knockouts for watching replays.

Fight Pass Kodi Add-on

Out of all the list, this is the only add-on that comes with a charge, each of the others you can watch MMA online free, but there is a drawback to this which we will get to very soon.

The problem with this add-on even if it is paid for, it might face the ominous blackouts that plague US sports channels when it comes to PPV events.

For this reason, you will need a VPN to make sure you can change your location and not be hit by a black screen rather than watching what you paid for.

It is no fun to find out you have subscribed and you are sat to watch UFC tonight only to find it isn’t being screened as you intended.

The Fight Pass add-on can be located in the Portse repo and is straightforward to install. Once done, open the add-on and sign in with your Fight Pass account details.

Unblock MMA and UFC using VPNWhich Kodi VPN Deals a Knockout Blow for MMA and UFC

Even with the add-on above being legal, you still need access with a VPN to avoid any blackouts. For all the other options, you need a VPN for privacy and security.

A lot of the streams might be copyright protected, or they are geo-blocked to specific regions.

A VPN will hide your connection, so even your ISP who logs what you are doing, and builds up a profile that will last two years (rolling 2-years) can’t see what you are accessing.

This is the only way you can watch MMA online for free while remaining safe. One more problem is that not all VPN’s are suited to stream actions sports to Australia due to small networks and below-average download speeds.

To save the hard work, we have come up with the best VPN for UFC, Kodi and all the Australian combat sports lovers.

To see how this VPN can help you watch all the action without any buffering, blackouts or worries, you will have someone knocking on your door.

Read up by heading to the ExpressVPN review and checking out how this top-rated VPN deals a knockout blow to the competition.

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