How to Watch Cricket Live Streaming Online in Australia

Cricket is one of those sports that is loved by millions around the world, but being able to watch it online isn’t as easy as sports lovers would expect.

There are plenty of countries that have leagues, but for different reasons, these can be geo-blocked to their originating countries.

When fans of the sport want to watch live cricket, this might not always be possible depending on where they are.
Here, we will take a look at the best, and most natural ways cricket fans can catch live cricket streams if they are at home, or on their mobile devices.

The Best Live Cricket Streams

Sky Sports Watch Cricket Live StreamingSky Sports

Sky sports has landed the rights to broadcast some serious cricket this year. Viewers can tune in and watch the following

  • England internationals playing against India, Pakistan and Australia
  • A few matches from the Kia Super League
  • UK County cricket
  • Every game from the IPL (Indian Premier League)
  • The ODI’s and T20 women’s Tri-series against New Zealand and South Africa
  • And many others.

To top this, they have a new commentator from Sri Lanka in the form of Kumar Sangakkara, so having one of the greatest batsmen on the team will give some great insights.

Sky Sports does have one problem, and that is you need a subscription, and they will miss out on plenty of other cricket.

Rather than looking for an alternative, cricket lovers can install the Sky Sports add-on to Kodi.

This media player is compatible with many mobile devices and can enable plenty of live cricket streams. Kodi can be found in the Fusion repo, and the best thing with this method is, there is no Sky subscription, but you will need to use a VPN.

Hotstar Watch Cricket Live StreamingHotstar

Hotstar has headquarters in Mumbai and delivers lot so content as well as loads of cricket.

While it does provide some cricket live streaming channels, it doesn’t have the same amount of cricket as the third option.

Hotstar does require a subscription and the use of a VPN, signing up is easy, and to make things even easier, there is a Hotstar add-on for Kodi which makes things straightforward. To watch this, you do need a VPN because the cricket might be geo-blocked to India.

WillowTV Watch Cricket Live StreamingWillowTV

The last and final method for watching cricket live streaming online is WillowTV. This is actually a US-based site, so Australian cricket lovers definitely need a VPN to access this streaming service.

In many cases, WillowTV comes with a cable subscription, but there is one method where you can bypass this.

SlingTV, there is no connection, and you are able to cancel at any time. With the Sling international package, you have access to all of WillowTV.

WillowTV happens to be the world largest cricket streaming service. It has vast amounts of live streams from every league you can imagine.

You can watch the Big Bash series or the English team’s tour of the West Indies, and that isn’t all. WillowTV has rights to The Ashes test series, the ODI series, the ICC CWC 2019 (Cricket World Cup), and lots more international cricket from every cricketing nation around the globe.

WillowTV is the best, but it does have its downsides in a way. You can sign up directly, but if you follow the SlingTV option, you can end up saving money.

Now, all we need to do is to find out how to watch SlingTV in Australia.

A VPN is required for all means mentioned above, this can be because of geo-restrictions, or that you are using Kodi and there are many web trolls scouring internet usage for people using illegal add-ons.

SlingTV is easy to sign up for, all you do is head to the website and complete the simple details they ask from you.

Once you have done this, you can access any movies or TV shows they are hosting, or you can dive right into the latest live online cricket match.

The good thing with Sling is the number of devices it supports, and if these fail, you can watch online in a browser.

Watching Live Cricket with WillowTV and Sling with a VPN

A VPN is becoming more crucial every day, there are too many prying eyes who are concerned with what users are doing.

Not only this, there are mountainous amounts of cricket and other sports that aren’t accessible like they are on WillowTV.

But, not all VPN’s are made equal. NordVPN which is a close second recommendation, but on occasions, even they have slow server connections, and when you are streaming cricket, the last thing you want is your device to start buffering.

Nord is a good VPN, but because of the location in Australia, it doesn’t have the support it does for Europe and USA.

The best choice has the fastest speeds, so there is no buffering, and it supports Australia as good as any other country.

Here is the quick sign-up process you need to follow to access live cricket matches.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Express PN website.
  2. Click the Get VPN button
  3. Select a subscription plan
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Select a payment method – credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin. Options available depend on VPN selected. (30-day money back guarantee gives 1-month free trial)
  6. Set up your password
  7. You will receive an email with details about your subscription.
  8. Click the link in the email to download your VPN application for your device.
  9. Copy the activation code
  10. Install the application on your device and click to open.
  11. Enter the activation code

You now have all you need apart from your SlingTV subscription, and now you can even use that page after you set the VPN to America. Device support for this VPN covers any device you can ever think of.

You will have full access to SlingTV that comes with a full WillowTV subscription, and you have the best VPN for cricket delivering the hottest action from all of the cricket 2019 season and beyond.

One last thing to add is that when you sign up for SlingTV, you get a free trial, so now you even get WillowTV live streaming free.

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