How to Watch the Great British Bake Off in Australia

The Great British Bake-off has been going on for years now, without even realising it, it has been almost seven years since the first episode aired. Since then, it has become more of an institution rather than just a simple show.

The hardcore audience and almost the cult-like praise it receives from its viewers are there for a good reason. The show is so addicting that you don’t have to have an interest in baking to enjoy it thoroughly.

Watch the Great British Bake Off in Australia

To watch great British bake off 2017 there are a couple of main options out there, first is through channel 4 UK and use their channel 4 on-demand service to watch there, or use BBC’s iPlayer app.

But BBC iPlayer TV programs are available to play in the UK only, same goes for channel 4, meaning unless you want to move to the UK, you will have to use a VPN service or a proxy.

What is a VPN, and how does it work?

VPN how does it work

A VPN or virtual private network is as its name suggest, a network of servers. You, as the user, will subscribe to their servers and then will have the option to connect to any one of their servers. These servers are all over the globe.

By using the iPlayer app through a VPN server located in the UK, your computers or devices IP address will be shown as a UK one, allowing you to access all region-locked content with ease.

But VPN services slow down your internet connection by about 15 to 40% whenever you use them. This is because all your data is first sent to the server in the VPN providers network, and then to you. Because of this extra step, it takes significantly longer, and it’s the same for all such services. What you need to do is find the ones that have the least effect on your speed.

A smart DNS proxy, on the other hand, only gives your device a new IP address, without rerouting your data. Because of that, there is no speed reduction. Unfortunately, unlike a VPN service provider, they do not protect your data in any way or protect your identity in case someone tries to track you down.

After thorough research, we have finally concluded which is the best VPN in Australia.

ExpressVPN comes in first and is a sure-fire way to unblock BBC iPlayer high allowing you to get British bake off unblock BBC iPlayerwatch online.

• It has servers in 94 countries and more than 145+ locations
• A 30-day money-back guarantee will give you quite a bit of time to use their services and see if they are for you.
• Very simple and easy to use UI, which is not hard on the system either.
• High speed and unlimited bandwidth will allow you to watch whatever you want, wherever you want.

Unlocator is a DNS proxy which is available at half the price as most VPN’s.

• 219 channels are supported, and more will be added later on.
• Cheap!
• No software installation required whatsoever!

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