How to Watch Cricket Online From Anywhere in the World

Cricket is a sport loved by millions of people around the world. With the last stages of the Cricket World Cup coming.

Sports fans are eager to find the best ways to watch cricket online streaming, so they don’t miss a single run.

With the cricket matches before the semi-final, who has, or is going through? The finals will be climactic. Will it be India vs Australia?

Sky Sports cricket

Alternatively, can Sri Lanka sneak one in and take the place of the Indian team after beating the West Indies by 23 runs?

No cricket fan will want to forget about South Africa who were semi-finalists in 2015. They will be trying to make amends and finish the top points scorers on the rankings table.

With the World Cup about to come to a close, there will be lots of T20 live streaming action. Now, we will look at how to watch live cricket matches online.

Where to Watch Cricket Online?

Here are the best places to watch 2019 live cricket. Each offers a different experience, because a couple are paid for options.

You can watch free cricket online, but you do need a workaround of using a VPN because of geo-restrictions.

All these methods for watching cricket need to use a VPN even if the streaming service is free or paid.


Willow cricket streaming comes from the number one source of cricket anywhere in the world.

This is strange because it is a United States based channel. However, it is the best source, and it usually comes with paid TV (cable or TV provider).

Luckily, SlingTV has Willow as one of its channels. Although this is a paid option, it can be very easy to sign up for.

Accessing Willow TV costs $10 per month on top of the $25 base Orange or Blue packages.

Willow TV live streaming can be to a single device, and there are many language options available. Device support covers Apple TV, game consoles, Android, iOS, and many more.

The downside being Sling is geo-restricted to the USA, so you need a VPN to access this service, and the website.

Star Sports

Star Sports delivers the best of live sports in India. It has unbeatable coverage of cricket along with others.

However, to access this great sports channel you need a subscription to Hotstar, which is the parent company.

It can be confusing because there are two versions of Hotstar, which are both from the same company.

The Indian one, and one in the USA. The one in America requires a subscription, while the Indian version is free to sign up for.

This then gives you access to the sports channels. However, you need a VPN that has Indian based servers, or you face geo-restrictions. Luckily, our later recommendation has servers in Mumbai.

For mobile users, you can download the Star Live Cricket TV app on android, or the Hotstar app on iOS.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports cricket is a premium cricket channel in the UK. You can watch live cricket, but it does require a sky subscription.

However, there is a workaround for this, and has access to some live channels and the Sky Sporting channel is one of them.

The site has a disclaimer that all the channels are freely available on the internet and they host none.

For security, you are advised to use a VPN to prevent any prying eyes from watching you access this site. To access a live stream, you will need to head to the site as the match is about to start.

PTV Sports

PTV Sports is part of the Pakistan Television. It does require a VPN that you can set to Pakistan, or at least use a virtual VPN that acts as one of these connections.

Luckily, the VPN of choice does exactly that. Unfortunately, during testing, the website was showing a video error. If this translates to the app when you are watching, a live match is hard to say.

It costs nothing, and using the best VPN for cricket, you may find you can access a decent amount of matches.

Watching free cricket online with VPN

Watching Cricket with a VPN

Watching free cricket online with any of the above services needs a virtual private network. This in most cases is to pass geo-restrictions.

However, in the case of streams not being legitimate, it prevents your ISP from recording your activities of watching free cricket online.

This is two-fold because it stops any connection throttling as well as any problems with streaming copyright content.

The best VPN for live cricket streaming is ExpressVPN. You can test it for 30 days with their money back guarantee.

This means you can relax and watch the best live cricket match final of the World Cup as if you were sitting at the Oval instead of any other country.

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