How to Watch Premier League in Australia

The 2019-2020 Premier League season is finally upon and now is the time to get set up to watch every match live. But how exactly is that done? Read on and find out.

The 28th year of the English Premier League starts on August 9th, 2019 and finishes on May 17th, 2020.

Optus is the second largest telecom agency here in Australia, and unfortunately for us, Optus and Optus alone has the rights broadcast EPL in our region of the world.

And as you would expect, unless you own an Optus product like the satellite TV or have a plan or contract with them, there is no other way to watch English Premier League live stream here. Or is there?

Watch Premier League in Australia

watch premier league live

Is there?

Yes, of course, there is! You just need to use a VPN service or a proxy. It’s even simpler than it sounds.


There are three to four major channels that provide top notch and even better service than Optus.

1. Exclusive to England is BT and Sky Sports, BBC football EPL is also an option.
2. From the US we have NBC
3. And from Canada we have Sportsnet!

All of these are exclusively available in a specific region. You will have to use a third-party software such as a VPN/proxy to access them, unless you want to move there, which I think no matter how hardcore of a fan you are, is not your first option when there are much MUCH cheaper alternatives available.

How will VPN/Proxies allow us to watch other regions content?

VPN bypass geoblockingWebsites use your devices IP address to track your physical location, and by doing, they can clearly see where you are located and based on that, they either block or allow some content. This is called Geo-blocking.

A VPN will connect your computer to one of the VPN servers on their network, this server will be located inside the region you want to access the content off, and will act as a middleman between your computer and the internet.

All information is passed through it. Because of that, your connection is significantly slowed down, by an average of about 15 to 40%. The trick is to choose a fast VPN provider that reduces your speed the least.

This is where a Smart DNS proxy such as Unlocator comes in very handy. A proxy will not reroute your data in any way, but simply give your computer a new IP address, one that is located inside your desired region. That means your speed is unaffected.

But a VPN service will also protect your data by providing security via encryptions and your identity in case someone tries to find out. They also a plethora of other features which we are not going to get into in this article.

To watch EPL live and keep up with the EPL live scores, there are a couple of great options for you.

ExpressVPN: This is one of the top-rated VPN software around.

ExpressVPN for EPL

watch premier league live

• It is fast which a necessity for any streamer.
• Has a Huge network in over 145 different location in more than 94 countries.
• It is fairly cost effective as well considering all the bells and whistles that are provided along with the main service.
• Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

Overall it is perfectly suited for EPL on demand and is arguably the best option to watch Premier League online Australia.

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