The Best Usenet Service Providers for Australia

Before we get to the best Usenet services, lets first understand what it is.

What is Usenet?

UseNet’s have been around for decades and by no means are a new thing. Usenet is a private network which has all sorts of communities on it.

What is usenet

best usenet server

At the start, it was used by Universities and research centers to share notes and research with each other over long distances. It was only after greater bandwidth and speed was made available that people started using them for other things as well.

Now there are networks that specialize in sharing movies and TV shows, all the latest ones and in the best format. They are even better than torrents in most cases and streaming sites like Putlocker.

Torrents vs Usenet’s:

Torrents have a peer to peer connection. This means that there is no single “official” server from which other people can download to their heart’s content. What you are downloading is being seeded or being uploaded by someone else just like you.

Torrent Downloading sites

That is how they work, which means if there are a lot of people that are just downloading and not uploading, then you will get horrible speeds and most probably will be stuck on a download for hours on end.

Usenets are better in the sense that there is a centralized network of servers from which you can download your favorite content at the highest possible speed without any need for uploading later on. It is extremely fast and efficient, but it will cost a monthly fee.

Even the best torrenting sites like the pirate bays torrents cannot compare with such speedy services.

Another aspect, especially in Australia, is the need to use a VPN provider to ensure privacy as ISPs now track all metadata and could easily detect you are downloading a torrent.

What is a Usenet server?

Torrents vs Usenet which is betterA Usenet servers is a normal server which holds all the user-submitted content, be it books, notes, movies, songs, TV shows or any other type of content. These categories are then called newsgroups.

How to use Usenet?

Setting up Usenet is slightly complicated and will take a bit of time so be sure to follow each and every step carefully.

1. Find the Usenet provider that best suits your needs. The top five Usenet service providers are:

• Usenetserver: comes with a 14-day free trial with three different packages ranging from $3 to almost $40.
• Newshosting: Starts with $10 a month and goes to $15.83. Provides a lot of extra services as well.
• Easynews: Starting with $9.98 a month and going all the way to $29.94, each package comes with a different data limit.
• PureUsenet: Starting from as low as €1.83 per month and as high as €6.63. All of the packages comes with a free trial and different limitations.
• Xlned: Like all others comes with three different basic packages ranging from €2.24 to €7.49 per month.

Each one of them is good for a range of different newsgroups if you download a lot of movies and shows then go for one with the unlimited bandwidth and speed.

Usenet service providersIf not, save a little and go for a cheaper option. Some of them offer packages that come with speed limits, minimum starting at 4Mbps.

Then there are some that have a download limit, for example, Easynews’s basic package starts with a limit of 20GB per month, second goes as high as 40GB and third all the way to 150GB per month.

So if you like to download your movies and shows, but can remain within a limit, you will save yourself about $20 a month.

2. Sign up with your chosen service provider; the process is more or less the same. You start your free trial after confirming the email.

3. Decide on an interface, aka as newsreader App. Some Usenet service providers will give one for free, but there are other options as well. Some standalone apps will give better speeds.

4. Then you have to log in and download a full newsgroup listing from the server. There can be hundreds of thousands of newsgroups, so you will have a lot to choose from.

5. Subscribe! Once you have found the newsgroups that interest you, subscribe to them so you can easily find them whenever you need them and keep updated with all the new additions.

6. You can use some NZB indexes to find other newsgroups more easily. Go through the lists to see which are the most popular, and you just might find something you like.

Although it might seem like a long and lengthy process, it will be over in a few minutes.