How to Access the Best Torrenting Sites Safely in Australia

After the order of the Federal Court, the Internet Service Providers have started blocking the pirated sites. Many (or all) of the top 10 torrenting sites are now inaccessible. The court took this step after a request form Foxtel and a film studio to take preventive measures against piracy.

Access the Best Torrenting Sites Safely in Australia

torrent with the fatest vpn

The Pirate Bay,, Torrent project, RarBG, EZTV, 1337X are the popular movies and TV torrenting sites people use to download content illegally. And to keep illegal downloading under control, around 500 sites including these torrent download sites are blocked.

Now, let’s answer the big question. If torrenting is illegal, why don’t the authorities take the sites down instead of blocking it?

Are torrents illegal?

Yes, many are. Torrent files which help you download copyrighted materials are illegal. But the torrenting process isn’t illegal. Torrenting uses a P2P protocol to transfer large amounts of data between users. There are many sites which distribute their software by using this P2P protocol known as BitTorrent.

You can share content available in the public domain. But these sites mentioned above hosted torrent files with copyrighted movies and popular TV shows. And thus, ISPs have blocked access to these. You are lucky if your favourite site is still up, but it is going down soon, that’s for sure.

How to get torrenting again?

It would be interesting to know, how easy it is to get started with torrenting. Your Internet Service Provider has blocked the torrent sites and not the BitTorrent protocol used in the torrenting process.

So, you can still download the required files if you get access to the .torrent files which these sites host. The files you downloaded are made available from different users around the world and not a single server. The .torrent files contain trackers to find where the pieces of files are available. They also track how much you have downloaded and which parts still are missing.

Let’s help you get access to the files. But first get a safe BitTorrent client. We are providing here a list of the best torrents client available. See if your favourite one has made it to the list.

Top Torrent downloading Clients

1. qBittorrent –qBittorrent

qBittorent is a BitTorrent client known for keeping a balance between features and simplicity. While many torrent clients want to meet the requirements of their users, others try to keep things simple. qBittorent is the one which meets the user needs and also uses a little amount of memory and CPU while running. It is an open-source client with encryption features, a search engine and media player integrated into it. It has cross-platform support and works quite good without putting a load on the devices.

2. Vuze –Vuze

It is a BitTorrent client with lots of features and also ads. While the light version, Vuze Leap offers media playback for the downloaded files, Vuze Plus has additional features to preview the files and also virus protection. With Vuze, you get a clean interface which makes advanced features available to new users with ease. It definitely is a recommendation.

3. uTorrent –uTorrent

The uTorrent software is a lightweight torrent client. Maintained by BitTorrent itself, the uTorrent downloader is one of the most used torrent downloader available. The only problem is the bundled software that comes along with it. So, take caution while installing and uncheck any software you don’t want to install. As the software is available for free, there also are ads. Apart from that, it is useful and also allows you to schedule your downloads.

4. Transmission –Transmission

It is a simple and lightweight torrent which can run in the background even without a UI. Transmission is a preferred one for Linux, works even on Raspberry Pi and is the best torrent client for Mac. It also serves its purpose in servers and NAS boxes. It’s robust, free and open-source. You can automate your downloads and also remote control your Transmission by a web client. It helps you in download scheduling, port forwarding, encryption and everything which a well-built client should offer.

Use a VPN for torrents

With Australian metadata laws already in effect, using a VPN just seems about right. Why? The law requires the ISP to keep metadata about the communications that take place through their network.

This metadata, i.e. the technical details related to a communication includes the date, time and location of a communication and also the ID of its source and destination.

VPN for torrents

torrent with the fatest vpn

VPNs do not keep connection logs and are known to provide privacy. And with the best VPN for torrents, your activity is safe from the eyes of your government.

You can do as much torrenting you want without the fear of surveillance but wait, torrent sites are blocked. So, how to access torrent files, you want to download?

VPN is the answer to that also. You can take help of the mirror sites and/or the proxy sites. You can use these sites to access the blocked sites but using a VPN is a better way.

A VPN provider like IPVanish with a robust encryption system also provides you with a private browsing experience, you see.

When you connect to an IPVanish server, somewhere outside Australia, the server gives your device an IP address of that country. All the sites blocked in Australia are now accessible, because you no longer have an Australian IP address.

IPVanish is worth the recommendation as it supports the BitTorrent protocol used for torrent activities, unlike many others.

Other methods to get past the blocking

While we are at it, let’s check the other popular methods available to get you torrenting.

You can use the secure Tor browser to get access to the .torrent files. While using the Tor browser, the servers hide your IP address and you can download the file required. It’s another thing that while you use the BitTorrent client to download the actual files, ISPs can see what you are downloading. Scary, isn’t it?

Another one is the SmartDNS proxy servers. They also can change your IP address and help you download the .torrent files, but they lack the encryption offered by VPNs. So, the best option you have got is to use a VPN.

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