How to Watch the Bachelor Online

Back in 2002 The Bachelor, the American dating and relationship reality show hit the screens. It has been hosted by Chris Harrison, who goes over the top to bring “the most dramatic season yet” in every new season.

While each season has grown in popularity, it is the 23rd that had something new up its sleeve. This was about to do something quite dramatic.

ABC has for years trailed behind NBC; The Bachelor season 23 with Colton Underwood took ABC in front.

watch episodes of The Bachelor

Colton was first seen in season 14 of the Bachelorette, so he is no stranger to Bachelor Nation gossip.

He was a football player, a dog lover and was granted some good looks. This has carried him through and more than likely the reason he was asked to be in the latest season of the Bachelor.

Viewers watched the Bachelor and were glued to their seats to watch all the corny goings on of the 23rd season, but being able to watch back episodes easily has so far eluded the shows fans.

Luckily, there is an easy way for streaming the Bachelor; in fact, there are more ways than one. Here, we will answer the question, “how can you watch the Bachelor live online without a TV provider.”

How to Watch the Bachelor Online

Here are ways to watch episodes of The Bachelor. While viewers can watch NBC online along with CBS, it is not so simple to access ABC. However, these workarounds are more than enough to make sure you never miss an episode.

It should be noted at this point, a VPN is required to access all of these streaming services, or any others you may wish to use.


You can stream and watch full episodes of all the hit TV shows on ABC using the ABC app. However, this usually requires a subscription to a TV provider to log into the app.

This can make things difficult, because there is no way a TV provider can be accessed from Australia.

However, you can access the app from ABC if you are subscribed to the right provider. Luckily, some of the following services log in details are sufficient. You will see the ones you can access ABC with in their breakdown.

The app runs on Android and iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and Amazon Fire TV among others.

Once you log into the app, streaming Bachelor live is the same as any other ABC show, and it is shown the day after it has been aired on the ABC channel.

Sling TV

Sling offers three channel packages that vary in price. This service used to have a free trial, however, they moved away from this, and give a 40% reduction upon first registration.

Sling Orange Package: $15 per month (regular price $25) single streams of 30+ channels.

Sling Blue Package: $15 per month (regular price $25) multi streams available for 45+ channels.

Sling Blue and Orange: $25 per month (regular price $40). Users have 55 channels from the other two packages.

A VPN is required to access the Sling TV website. One thing to note is that Sling doesn’t offer ABC as part of the regular packages; this means you need to add the “Broadcast Extra” which is an additional $5 per month.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu comes with lots of features. Hulu is ideal for watching live Bachelor episodes as well as lots of other content on-demand.

You can make use of 50 hours of Cloud DVR, so you can easily save your favourites for later viewing.

Hulu comes with three plans:

  • Hulu with ads: $5.99 per month – 1 month free trial
  • Hulu without ads: $11.99 per month – 1 month free trial
  • Hulu with live TV: $44.99 per month – 1-week free trial.

Hulu runs on a broad range of devices, so you can watch it at home on TV’s or on the go. However, you still require a VPN.

Hulu with Live TV is the first option you have to log in with your credentials and stream ABC on their app.

YouTube TV

While YouTube is very popular, the TV side of things isn’t yet so mainstream that it is a reliable solution.

It only streams to certain markets, and the service has been known to have major outages.

A VPN can solve the markets where you can access this because a good VPN allows you to set at city level, and not only the country.

You have the choice of 70+ channels, 6 accounts per household with 3 streams, and no limits on Cloud DVR.

It costs $49.99 per month and comes with a 5-day free trial. YouTube TV adds episodes of The Bachelor after they are aired, so streaming The Bachelor is almost live. You can also use your log in details to use the ABC application.

PlayStation Vue

This is the last on the list, and you can use the app from ABC with your account details.

PlayStation Vue comes with a 5-day free trial, and then will revert to the regular price depending on your package.

  • Access: Popular live TV. $44.99 per month.
  • Core: Popular live TV and Sports. $49.99 per month
  • Elite: Movies, Popular Live TV and Sports. $59.99 per month
  • Ultra: Movies, sports and premiums. $79.99 per month.

Streaming The Bachelor is available in the lowest “Access” package.

Best VPN to watch The Bachelor online


At present, there is no way to watch The Bachelor live because the latest season has come to a close.

However, with three out of the four services above offering free trials, you can sign up for any of these and watch the Bachelor free.

You may be wondering how you can watch free when you need a VPN. The best VPN Australia viewers can choose is ExpressVPN. This has a no argument 30-day money back guarantee.

Any user can complete their simple sign up procedure, sign up for the best streaming service above with the longest free trial (Hulu), and watch The Bachelor back episodes before The Bachelor season 24, or switch to live streaming of The Bachelorette season 15.

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