How to Access Solarmovie Unblocked

There are countless movie streaming sites around the world; however, not all of them have enjoyed the success of the Solarmovie website.

Compared to some, they are newcomers, yet they have leapfrogged much of the alternatives in popularity.

This puts it on the radar of many agencies who work on behalf of the MPAA, among others. This means there are countless people seeking for it to be shut down.

Access Solarmovie Unblocked

In their efforts, Solar movie is blocked in many countries.

This makes it impossible for lovers of the site, who want their fix of the latest movies. This guide shows how you can get around these blocks and access the site safely and anonymously.

What is Solarmovie?

Solarmovie is one of the best sites to access free movies. One of the things, which makes it such a hit is they deliver movies in HD rather than lower quality offerings.

These high-quality movies do affect the loading time a little, yet the time waiting is well worth it. They have a massive database of popular movies, Hollywood blockbusters and cover a wide range of genres.

Another thing that makes it a hit is the way the data is displayed. There is no listing, and when you first access the movie site, all you have is a search bar.

Once you type in and hit enter, you a poster, a trailer, and more details on the movie or TV show length as well as the cast, directors, and date of release.

Is Solarmovie Legal?

Solarmoviez falls under the same cloud as many other streaming sites of this nature. They don’t host content, so what they are doing is legal. All they offer are the links to the sources around the internet.

In the eyes of some countries, this is clearer when they say accessing copyright content is illegal. This is the reason the site is blocked in so many countries.

Legal or not, this doesn’t stop users trying to access the site. There is a loophole, and in some instances, Solarmovie may change their domain to keep ahead of the law.

Adding to this, there are Solarmovie proxy mirror sites springing up, so users have lots of options for finding movies and TV series they want to watch.

Some of these proxies may be blocked, and some may be suspicious and are using the name of Solarmovie to attract unsuspecting visitors.

Solarmovie Proxies and Mirrors

There is a range of proxy site you can access. Therefore, if you find the original Solarmovies down or blocked in your region, you can visit one of these and carry on accessing all your favourite content.

Before moving any further, you do need to understand that using a VPN to access these sites is much safer than doing so without one.

There is no way to know where these proxy sites are located, and what the intent of the developers is.

They can be suing them to target users with ads, or in worse cases, they can be using them to distribute malware or viruses, and in some cases, there can be crypto mining scripts inserted into the website.

VPN’s offer an extra layer of protection, and they won’t give away your real IP address in the process of you watching movies and TV shows.

There are a lot of users who think a proxy site is protecting them from these government agencies. This is far from the truth, and you will be just as, if not more so vulnerable.

Here are some of the current working Proxy Sites and mirror sites:


When you access any of these sites to watch movies online, you may see the web interface is different from Solarmovie. This is a good indication it is a mirror or copycat and could be an unsafe site.

Some of these sites may be easier to access for full movies, but they may not be in HD quality. It is better to watch Solar Movies from the original source once you bypass any blocking restrictions.

Solarmovie Alternatives

A good alternative to Solarmovie is recommended in case it is finally taken down. Users may use the Solarmovie app, but if the site goes, then so will the streams the app uses to display content.

If you want to try this, you won’t find it on the Google store, and you need to download it from a third-party site.

Alternatives can include the following:

There are others, so if your see Solarmovies is down, you do have other sites to try.

How to Access Solarmovie Unblocked

Solarmovie and VPN’s

Choosing a VPN can be harder than it appears, but the best one for bypassing any restrictions that are in place and blocking Solarmovie is ExpressVPN.

This lets you select different countries so you can choose one where Solarmovie can be accessed easily.

It does this by changing your IP address to one of the outgoing VPN servers, so even your ISP won’t be able to see you are trying to access this website or one of the alternatives.

Users for their own safety must always use a VPN, as this helps with any malicious proxies or copycat sites that may try to find out your IP address.

This VPN also delivers the best streaming and download speeds, so if you are watching movies online, or you wish to download them, you have the best experience.

To fully test all the features, you can sign up for this VPN and try the service without paying a penny using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t find it suitable you can cancel. However, you will find it the best one to get Solarmovie unblocked.

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