Is It Time to Take Your Privacy and Security Back Online?

Every person who goes online is faced with threats. Many of which they are unaware of. From ISP’s, online advertisers, government agencies, and hackers or even worse when children are involved.

There is a never-ending list of user data which is compiled which consists of sites visited, things paid for or messages sent to friend’s family or whoever.

In the ever-increasing ways we are monitored and spied on, any individuals should consider taking privacy back into their own hands.

Some countries at present are much worse than others so extreme methods can be required to stay away from prying eyes.

Top Online Privacy Tips

LastPass secure password managerSecure Passwords

We all hate trying to remember passwords, and we know we should have different ones for different accounts.
The problem is we are lazy and change a digit or two, so they are easy to remember. Doing this makes it easier for hackers to hack one account where all your others will very quickly follow.

Two- factor authentication should be used as a standard as should a good quality password manager. A text file that contains your passwords isn’t the best way to handle sensitive information.

LastPass is a secure password manager and has a free version for personal use.


This is one of the most significant threats we face. It covers many forms of intrusions hackers use to find out personal information. Free software, videos that require specific players or unsuspecting email attachments can include malware that piggybacks on the back of other programs.

Once this is in your system, a hacker can pretty much as they please. Keyloggers record all your keystrokes and spyware records what you do online. It watches your history and gathers more information than you can realise might pose a security threat. Malware packages go way beyond being antivirus programs, and help protects against all these threats before they get onto your system.

Keeping Connections Secure

With government agencies monitoring a substantial amount of traffic and ISP’s being pushed to keep tabs on subscribers.

There is a need to have a secure connection which can mask your location and your IP address from visibility. The best way to do this is through the use of a private VPN service.

When you sign up to one of these, you can mask your location and appear as if you are in another country.

These are also a fantastic way of protecting your connection from hackers or internet predators when children are involved. Even when public hot-spots are used a connection cannot be seen by any other person.

VPN to gain privacy onlineSocial Media Apps

These are areas where much of a privacy leak occurs from the user. What appears to be harmless postings can give government monitoring agencies lots of information. This can be used to build a profile they will hold on file for as long as they deem necessary.

There are also some people who stalk youngsters or unsuspecting individuals. Building up a profile form your posted information can lead them to efficiently perform identity theft if they so wished.

Personal posts should be limited in information especially your telephone number, address, and place of work. Anything that can position you in a particular area at a specific time can make things easy for these predators.

Secure Browsers

Pop-ups, advertisements or dubious sites are all designed to get information in one way or another. Many browsers include pop-up blockers or allow for extensions to be installed which perform this action.

One of the better ad-blockers available is uBlock origin. This blocks almost anything that can be interference or a risk.

Tracking websites are another persistent threat, and the best way to limit these is by another form of a blocker.

Disconnect is one of the best and blocks most of these tracking sites and also allowing you to prevent more if desired. This can speed up your browsing experience as tabs or windows that would open are blocked by UBlock, and third-party sites are unable to retrieve any data.

The final thing some of these browsers can do is to remove all the cookies which are installed which might contain personal information. Browsing History can also be deleted with the click of a button.

The more time we spend online, the more threats we face. As well as the above it is crucial to keep your device or system up to date as well as your anti-virus/ malware packages.

Hackers and people who are keen to get their hands on your information are not resting until they have it.

They change their tactics and try another angle. VPN services can move your connection from their focus and make it more difficult to gain access to your system or your information.

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