How to Watch MLB Online Free in Australia

MLB is one of America’s national pastimes, but once you cross borders, it doesn’t receive much airtime. You may catch a few games here and there, but with several being held on the same day, lovers of the sport are missing out.

Watching live is also near impossible, as an archived game is shown at best 90 minutes after the game has ended.

In this guide, you will see how to watch free MLB games online from a few different methods. First, up, we will look at what the MLB is for viewers who are not up to speed.

Watch Major League Baseball online

What is MLB?

The 2019 Major League Baseball season started back in March (20th). It is currently scheduled to an end on September 29, 2019.

At this point, the postseason begins with the World Series starting on October 22, 2019. This is the ultimate in baseball and is the annual championship of the MLB.

It is fiercely fought between the top of the AL (American League), and the champions form the NL (National League).

In the past 2 years, the Los Angeles Dodgers have lost out in the finals to the Houston Astros in 2017, and the Boston Red Sox in 2018.

As we saw in the introduction, there is live coverage around the globe, but these are selected games, and only through selected sports channels.

What MLB fans want is to follow their favourite team all the way through. This is what we will show you how you can do from Australia, or from any other country around the world.

How to Watch MLB Online

All the following methods will require a VPN. This covers a few different things, and will dictate the VPN you select to use.

Geo-restrictions are the number one reason you need a VPN. To get fill live coverage of MLB games, you will need to appear as if you are in the USA.

Sporting blackouts are number two. You will need a VPN that allows you to quickly change your VPN server location.

Many sporting events in the USA face blackouts when the games are aired on terrestrial TV.

Where to Watch MLB Online

Here are the best ways you can watch the MLB matches online.


This is the official home for MLB; there is a 7-day free trial available to begin with. You do need to cancel before this is up or you automatically get charged.

You can watch every game, apart from any live streaming for any in-market teams (blackouts depend where your VPN connects).

It costs $49.99 per year until 16 June 2019. After that, it reverts to $118.99 per year.

Sling TV

Sling TV doesn’t carry the MLB Network, so access is gained through channels where it can be accessed. This includes Fox, TBS and ESPN. The service comes with three packages, Sling
Orange, Blue and a combination of both.

This is the one that you need. Sling used to offer a free trial, but now they give 40% off your first month.

The Orange and Blue package costs $25 and then reverts to the regular price. It runs on a number of devices, so MLB online streaming is easy.

Other Streaming Services

There are many other streaming services you can choose from. Some offer free trials such as Hulu, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV. These are limited to 7-days, and they all need a subscription.

Some are not cheap, so they are a long way from letting you watch MLB games online free. This can lead you to one of the best ways to access these channels without subscribing.

Kodi MLB Add-Ons

Kodi allows official or third party Kodi add-ons to be installed. Official being legal, and a third party in many cases not being so much so.

There is an MLB.TV add-on which is official and requires you to still have a subscription to the service.

The add-on makes it more comfortable to watch MLB from the comfort of your armchair using your Fire TV, or one of the countless other devices Kodi is compatible with.

Here, we will look at live streaming using Kodi sports add-ons.

If you have not yet installed any Kodi add-ons from a third party, you will need to complete these steps once.

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Head to Settings
  3. Select System Settings. Select Add-ons – Settings
  4. Under General, locate Unknown Sources – it will be set to off
  5. Toggle to enable Unknown Sources. Accept the warning
  6. You can now add from Unknown Sources

How to Watch MLB on Kodi

Here are two of the best Kodi add-ons for sports and for watching MLB live and free.

Sports Devil

  1. Start Kodi
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Navigate to File Manager – Add Source
  4. Enter the following URL exactly:
  5. Name the source as “SuperRepo”
  6. Click “OK”.
  7. Navigate to the main Kodi menu.
  8. Click “Add-ons”
  9. Select package manager (open box icon)
  10. Select “Install from Zip File”
  11. Select “SuperRepo” Make sure the name it matches your Kodi version
  12. Select “All” to install all the SuperRepo add-ons.
  13. Navigate to the Add-ons menu and select the open box icon
  14. Click on “Install from repository”
  15. Locate and click on “SuperRepo All”
  16. Scroll to “Video Add-ons”
  17. Locate the “SportsDevil Launcher” and click to install

Best VPN to watch MLB online

Pro Sport

Because you installed SuperRepo in the above steps, you can carry on from step thirteen in these instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Add-ons menu and select the open box icon
  2. Click on “Install from (SuperRepo) repository”
  3. Locate and click on “SuperRepo All”
  4. Scroll to “Video Add-ons”
  5. Locate the “SportsDevil Launcher” and click to install

Both of these Kodi sporting add-ons deliver live sports for much more than just MLB.

You will need a VPN in places to watch these. It will bypass any geo-restrictions, and your ISP won’t see you are streaming.

This works in two ways. They won’t slow your connection (throttle), and you will not be found to be infringing on any copyrighted material.

The best VPN for this is ExpressVPN; it delivers the fastest speeds from their large network and keeps your identity private.

To make sure you watch the MLB free, you can sign up and make full use of their no argument 30-day money back guarantee.

However, you won’t catch all the games in this time, and we doubt you will want to cancel this top VPN before you watch the outcome of the last game of the season.

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