12 Best Kodi Addons

You might be struggling to find Kodi add-ons which are working or ones which fit all of your viewing habits.

There are plenty out there, but working your way through them can be a real pain, and then you find they don’t work or they are having major problems.

Best Kodi AddonsWe have spent some time doing all the legwork for you and come up with the top Kodi add-ons which are working. We will also give you a quick rundown of how to install Kodi add-ons.

Once we have given you the Kodi add-ons list, we’ll show you the best and most secure way of accessing all of this content without having your ISP from monitoring what you are accessing.

Top 12 Kodi Add-ons

Neptune RisingNeptune Rising

At one point this add-on faded from view and was taken down. It has since resurfaced and is better than its previous incarnation. The interface is similar as are the types of content available.

Neptune Rising ultimately was a clone of Exodus and offers both movies and TV shows. Each of these categories allows you to sort the files as you wish, and although it still isn’t as diverse as Exodus, it is a great add-on for any Australian Kodi user.

Genesis RebornGenesis Reborn

This add-on was also taken off the air for a while and was then taken over by a new developer. Since then Genesis Reborn is one of the highly trending movie and TV add-ons users can get for Kodi.

This add-on can also be a good choice for users who don’t have the fastest connection because there are multiple streaming links for every title which is presented.


Placenta is a recent addition to the many add-ons which are cloned from Exodus, but this one has expanded on its content.

This was done by not just reusing the old Exodus code, and because of this, it can bring you various other categories such as Music, Fitness, and Kids.

One advantage of using Placenta is it works by scraping the web, so whatever title you search for it is almost guaranteed you’ll get a working link.


Long-term users of Kodi will know all about Covenant because it’s been one of the most popular add-ons for such a long time. At one point it was dropped by the original developer and was then picked up by another.

You can sort streams by genre, language, popularity and more, and it also allows users to import Trakt.tv content. This could be one of the best Kodi movie add-ons.


This is seen as one of the ultimate Exodus forks and is almost identical to Exodus. Incursion content is nicely laid out, and there is plenty to choose from. On occasion, you might come across a link which isn’t working, but these are very few.


Maverick TVMaverick TV

This add-on is a great all-rounder which streams TV shows, live sports, live TV, and movies. Maverick TV only takes one click, and the add-on automatically finds the best stream available.



This is another all in one add-on which provides 3D movies, 4K movies, live TV, Kids movies, TV shows live sports and much more.

Supremacy is a little different to other add-ons because it wasn’t created from a fork and gives a new feel to the user experience. It also performs a little faster than other add-ons and rarely offers dead links.


With all the clampdown many add-ons are battling against. It might be time for newer ones to come through and shine.

Deceit is one such add-on which is attempting to compete against the popular add-ons mentioned above. You can integrate Trakt TV and Debrid accounts, and it provides movies TV shows, live streams and radio and podcasts.

The KratosThe Kratos

This is another great newcomer and is also an all in one. It provides every form of content from TV shows to movies.

Navigation is easy and is built on the code of Exodus. If you wish to try this excellent add-on, it is available from the Kodi addons repository http://ukodi1.com/_repo/

Fox Sports Go

This is probably one of the best Kodi add-ons for sport. It brings almost any sport you can think of, and new content is available daily. This can be live, or on-demand, so there is no need to miss anything.

This is only available in the USA, but there is a solution which you can see shortly.

BBC iPlayer WWW

This provides the best of what the BBC has to offer, and if there is any Australian Kodi user who doesn’t add this, then they are missing out on some of the best, and well-made programs and TV station makes.

Like a few of the add-ons, you will need a top Kodi VPN to access the content which is geo-locked.


This is one of the best sources of free and legal movies. It is owned by Sony and gives access to the movies and TV shows free of charge.

You can find the add-on in Kodi’s verified repository unlike all of the above add-ons.

Installing Kodi Add-ons

Here are general installation instructions of how to install Kodi add-ons. However, each add-on will require its own specific info to be input.

Here are the simple steps to install cCloud for Kodi:

  1. Go to the Kodi home screen and select the System Icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. You will have a few options, but Click on the File Manager option.
  3. Select and double-click on the Add Source option.
  4. Click the option in the new pop-up box.
  5. Now you need to enter a path for your (Add-ons) repo. So, type or copy the link into the box and click on OK.
  6. You’ll now be asked to enter a name. Add a name then Click on OK.
  7. Return to the home page and select the Add-on option.
  8. Click on the package installer icon (a box icon). Then Select Install from ZIP file.
  9. You will see a few files added, but just Click on the file you named in step 6.
  10. Now select the zip file and wait for the notification. This will be in the top right of your screen.
  11. Now Select the Install from repository option.
  12. Select the new repository name which will be listed
  13. Click on Video Add-ons.
  14. Navigate to the add-on name for Kodi option and click on it.
  15. Click on the install button to successfully add the add-on.

Accessing Content and Securing Your Connection

Even without consent, your ISP is collecting your internet usage data (2-years retention in Australia). As a lot of the content is copyrighted, this could land you in trouble. An ISP can block streams which will prevent you from watching.

Content which is geo-locked will be un-viewable, so a VPN is needed to protect your connection and uphold your privacy.

You might consider a free VPN service, and one of the most popular free VPN for Kodi is Tunnelbear. (Read our full Tunnelbear review here)

Although it offers all the features you need and first class security it isn’t an option for Kodi because it only gives 500mb of free data.

This will last one maybe two episodes at most, so a paid for option would be highly recommended.

One of the world’s best and crowd favourites for Australian Kodi users is ExpressVPN.

This gives bank graded encryption, one of the largest robust server networks and the fastest possible downloads streams.

Accessing this blocked or copyrighted content is secure, and no ISP will be able to monitor your activities.

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