How to Watch ITV Player outside UK? (Australian Edition)

When it comes to British shows, you are never short of options. There, of course, is BBC but also Channel 4, Sky and iTV among others.

Of these, with its first broadcast in 1955, iTV is the oldest and has some of the longest running shows like Corrie. It is also the most popular among the commercial TV networks in the United Kingdom.

iTV streaming service

get iTV to any device

Watch iTV HD channels online

To make the content available online, iTV has its streaming service, and you can use it to stream iTV online free. This online on-demand service allows you to watch your favourite shows and content from iTV, iTV2, iTV3 and all other channels in its network.

The programme catalogue includes daily soaps like Emmerdale and Corrie, Coronation Street, both of which are in their 50s. Yes, Emmerdale, which is set in the fictional farms of Emmerdale, Yorkshire started in 1972.

And the Coronation Street is showcasing the lives of people in the fictional Coronation Street of Weatherfield, Manchester since 1960.

Among the other famous iTV shows, with a fan base around the world, are X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and (but not limited to) Broadchurch. Also, you get to watch all the iTV movies available and for free, with this iTV catch up service.

The service is available on their website, or you can download the iTV player app on your mobile devices or gaming consoles.

Watch iTV in Australia

It’s not that simple to watch iTV from outside the UK. Like all the UK TV channels, iTV has blocked abroad. Thewatch iTV from outside the UK servers at iTV use your IP address to implement the blocking system. But how does it know my IP address?

When you take services from your broadband connection provider, it allots you an identification number, the IP address. And when you request the iTV servers, your IP address goes with it and the website knows your location.

Now you know that the trick lies with the IP address. So, you can watch the streaming if you can hide your IP. And the proxy server way is the people’s favourite.

Watch iTV with Express VPN

Although proxy websites are easy to use, they are not very secure. While you are enjoying the X Factor, your system may be receiving X virus; you can never be sure. One of the best ways to watch uninterrupted iTV broadcast is to use an Australia VPN.

watch iTV using VPNUsing a VPN software like ExpressVPN is the most secure way to watch iTV Player abroad on iPad, your smartphone or the other devices. Once the software is configured, you now need to connect to a UK VPN server. Once the connection is successful, you can access the website and watch your favourite shows.

What a VPN actually does is masking your original IP address with a new one from the UK. So, you become a British resident.

Apart from hiding the IP address, the server creates a secure tunnel, and all your data passes through the secure VPN server. This gives you a private viewing experience while still on the Internet.

Read more about the benefits of VPN and check the review articles to know about the various VPN service providers in Australia.

Registering with iTV

Once you have got the access to either the iTV website or its services on the app, you need to sign in. If you can’t find the app in the store, search for iTV Hub. ITV Hub is the new brand name for iTV video-on-demand services.

For registration, you have to give your personal details and a UK postcode. And that’s all, the service is free, and they don’t want your credit card details. The postcode though is needed because of the TV licensing rules in the UK.

iTV video-on-demand services

get iTV to any device

When you have signed into your account, you can search for the movies and shows you want to see or go through the categories.

The rebranded and renovated iTV Hub is easy-to-use and well-organized. And there also is an optional paid service.

The premium iTV Hub+ is available at a price of £4 per month. With Hub+ you get an ad-free iTV streaming and the ability to download.

You can download all the episodes of your favourite shows to watch it again or download the fresh ones for viewing at a later date.

That would be all you need to watch iTV in Australia and without your Internet Service Provider (and the Australian government) knowing about it.

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