The 9 Best Streaming Websites for TV and Movies

For anyone who has an internet connection, there is a considerable number of sites where they can stream free movies and TV shows.

It can be hard not to find a movie you want to watch, no matter if it is an old classic or a recent blockbuster.

There is something for everyone. All of the sites we will run through all have one thing in common, regardless of whether they offer legitimate content or content which might be treading on the toes of copyright infringement.

They all require the use of a VPN service. The reasons will be explained, but first, let’s run through the top 9 streaming services you can access today.

Popcorn Time Streaming site

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Top Streaming Sites

9. Popcorn Time

This site can easily be confused with PopcornFlix, but that is no reason why it has become so popular. A lot of this is because of the full range of genres on offer.

You might find many new titles, and it offers enough to get under the skin of companies like Screen Media Ventures who are a movie distributor and have links to the legitimate

PopcornTime is a BitTorrent client that comes with an integrated media player and works in the same way as regular torrents are downloaded.

With this site though, you get to watch the movies as they are being downloaded to your device. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Android with a beta version for iOS.

The app continually trawls the internet for the best streams, and the app comes with its own VPN. However, we would never advise relying on this as a means of protection. You never know, the people behind PopcornTime might be doing something behind the scenes.

It does come up in searches as one of the top movie streaming sites, but under the hood, you are still downloading torrents.

8. Putlocker

Putlocker is another site which follows in the same vein as many others and is one of the most popular free movie sites. One of the most significant problems when using this site is, you are vulnerable for being seen as committing piracy.

Putlocker was reported as being a significant piracy threat, and you can be seen by your ISP or any agency who is tasked with monitoring for this kind of activity. Their domain is continually changing to get away from this.

The most significant drawback is the number of pop-up ads which you will encounter, and although you can block them, they can become troublesome.

123movies Streaming site7. 123movies

123Movies has a range of Hollywood movies in almost 30 genres. It is also one of the top TV streaming sites you can easily find. It also comes with a vast range of movies, and if you can put up with pop-up windows opening when you click on the play button, then it does offer tons of content.

Like the first two options, almost all of the content is not legitimate, and to make use of this site, you need your connection encrypted.

ISP’s and governing bodies are also after this site. But, with a VPN service, it delivers plenty of movies, none of which are hosted on their website. In the eyes of the law, they still think it is all pirated material.

Use a VPN and then you make full use of all the content which is available.

6. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives you access to nearly every movie that is currently available, and if you have an Amazon Prime membership, there are vast numbers of these movies which are free.

A lot of people in the United States have these Amazon memberships but are not aware they have the chance to be streaming movies as an inclusion of their subscription. The only problem that comes with this service is the interface is a little messy, and all the paid titles are mixed with free ones.

However, it is one of the best places for free movies and TV which requires hardly any effort to access than someone signing up for a prime account on Amazon.

Netflix Streaming site5. Netflix

Any list of movie streaming sites would be incomplete without Netflix. In a way, it is this one who has set the trend for many others to follow. You can as easily watch classic movies, or browse through and be sat streaming TV shows with no effort involved.

Like a few other sites, there is a monthly subscription, but the glory of this is it is global. However, this doesn’t mean Australian viewers can access the US-Netflix, this is geo-blocked.

But, as you will soon see, using a VPN can bypass this restriction, and you can watch your favourite show as easily from the US as it is from down under.

4. BBC iPlayer & iTV Player

If there was one site which was well known around the globe for streaming TV shows, then it has to be the BBC iPlayer. Such is the depth of the BBC’s content, it is much more than just watching TV.

There are plenty of documentaries, drama action and great movies available which are nearly always very well produced. The good thing with the iPlayer is the ease in which you can bypass their log in process as you will soon see.

As these two sites are from the UK, we coupled up because they can both be accessed in much the same way. The iTV player extends from the BBC and can bring you some great shows such as Emmerdale and Corrie along with a raft of late night movies.

PlutoTV Streaming site3. PlutoTV

Although this site can be hard to connect to when you are outside the USA, it still needs to be included. It offers excellent playback and offers live TV, movies, sports broadcasts and kids TV shows.

PlutoTV can be hard to navigate around, but once you find your TV show, the quality is excellent. You can access plenty of other channels for live TV through a Roku service.

Content is divided into blocks and genres include Comedy, movies, Sports and staff picks, etc., and it includes feeds from CBSN, Fox sports among others.

The service works easy when you connect through a US VPN server.

2. Hulu

Hulu is well-known for the TV it shows, but this shouldn’t detract away from the great movies it has on offer. Search these in any popularity genre, and it is as good as any other service out there.

Such is the depth when you look, if you can’t find it on any other top streaming service, then there is a good chance it can be found here. The only real downside on this site is you need to search what you are looking for because of the poor browsing interface.

Apart from that, it is one of, if not the best TV streaming sites you can visit.

HBO Streaming site1. HBO

With both a vast selection of movies, TV shows and one of the best documentary sections of any site. HBO is gaining popularity, especially with their HBO Now apps you can use on many different devices.

If it has a claim to fame, it is the only streaming service which has hosted all of the Harry Potter movies.

Additionally, when it comes to award time, it is the best choice for streaming some of the nominated films.

Compared to other streaming sites, the selection is smaller, but that can be reflected in a price which is far cheaper.

The navigation system also puts shame on some of the other sites which should give them something to think about.

Accessing Streaming Sites with a VPN

It should be noted that options 1 – 3 are not subscription-based and the sources are somewhat dubious. For this reason, VPN software should be used so no ISP can see you are in effect taking part in any piracy.

With those out of the way, all of the others are either geo-blocked from the USA or from the UK. With the right VPN service, you can easily choose a server in either country which will encrypt your connection, and the services will think you are in that location.

BBC and ITV sign up procedures require minimal details, and both are free. Sign up and add a UK postcode, and you can access both quickly and easily.

US streaming sites are much the same, but connections from there to Australia can be slow when using a VPN. With this in mind, two options are as follows:

2. NordVPN

This offers a whole host of features and security. You will be safe from prying ISP’s so they won’t throttle your connection when streaming (ISP’s are renowned for doing this), and they will keep you private if using any of the first three options in the list.

NordVPN is a good option, but it can suffer speed-wise to Australia, and their free trial is only 7 days.

1. ExpressVPN

In most reviews, this VPN nearly always sits above Nord in the rankings. They are quite similar, but ExpressVPN inches out in front of almost every area.

Both supply a VPN app for mobile devices, but for the best speeds, this one comes out on top.

Additionally, with their no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee which gives a refund faster than Nord, you are in effect getting a one-month-free-trial should you choose to cancel.

This being said, once the service has been tested for a month, not many people want to opt for another VPN service. Get 49% off ExpressVPN here

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