How to Get Fortnite Unblocked at School

Schools and colleges are well known for blocking social media platforms and games. One game in particular that players are desperate for in free time is Fortnite.

Trying to play Fortnite unblocked is almost impossible through the regular methods.

Luckily, this guide will show how you can quickly bypass your schools restrictions, and unblock websites with ease. You can gain uninterrupted internet access and find Fortnite unblocked.

Unblocked Fortnite at School

Before looking at the solution. We will look at what Fortnite is, why and how it is blocked, and any other related information regarding playing Fortnite.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is the most popular on-line shooter in the world. It was created and released in 2017 by “Epic Games”.

Fortnite is available in three modes:

  • Battle Royale – this is the free game where up to 100 gamers battle it out to be the last man standing. Battle Royale mode is the most popular.
  • Save the World – this is a Co-operative shooter survival game. You can join teams of up to four players and fend off zombies by defending objects with fortifications you can construct.
  • Fortnite Creative – gamers are free to create worlds and battlegrounds.

Battle Royale has been released for Windows, MacOS, Consoles, iOS and Android devices among others.

Why and how is Fortnite Blocked?

There are millions of gamers around the world who take part in Fortnite. Such is the level of addiction to the game, schools and colleges had no choice but to block access. This was due to kid’s playing in the classroom during lessons.

Aside from this, playing Fortnite at school was distracting kid’s for a fair amount of the day, so they were unable to focus on their studies.

The way in which schools block Fortnite access is to change the DNS settings inside the schools routers.

Admin can place settings inside a router that checks for blocked IP addresses, and as soon as it sees these, it prevents anyone going any further.

Other methods include firewalls, and although they differ in the way they work, they do much the same thing.

This works if you are using a school computer, and if you are using the schools wireless internet connection. The school can stop you playing games, or accessing your social media over their network.

How to Unblock Fortnite in School

This workaround to bypass your schools restrictions doesn’t just work for Fortnite; you will see how to unblock games in school, as well as any other restricted sites.

To do this, you will need to use a VPN service. To summarise what a VPN is, it is a virtual private network.

These take the IP address from your device encrypts it and replaces with a different one. Once it does this, the schools router or servers won’t be able to see you are trying to connect to the Fortnite servers.

While this is straightforward to do, there are a couple of things you need to consider. The first thing is that Fortnite Battle Royale won’t let all VPN’s connect to the game servers.

The reason being, they can help reduce lag if you connect through VPN servers, which are in close vicinity where the game servers are located.

This method has been used by players who have been banned from Fortnite servers so they can continue playing, hence the Fortnite VPN block.

However, not all VPN’s find themselves blocked. This means you do need a VPN app which both runs on your device, and can bypass the Fortnite VPN blocks.

Best Fortnite VPN

Choosing the Best Fortnite VPN

Accessing blocked websites has never been as easy over your school Wi-Fi with a good VPN. However, not all VPN’s are equal in their features, and their ability to bypass the restrictions of Fortnite.

To unblock Fortnite, you may consider a free VPN, but even the best free VPN can leave you out in the cold after a while. Here are a couple of examples.

The best of the free VPN’s is Windscribe; this offers a generous amount of free bandwidth each month. It gives 10GB per month, this is more than generous, but on the free version, you have a ping of around 95ms, and slow download speeds.

This can affect your game play, but the most significant downside is there is no free option for Android. For many users, this can rule it out very quickly.

The very best free VPN is TunnelBear. This offers faster download speeds and a more respectable 24ms ping time.

It will also run on Android and iOS. However, with this VPN, you only have a small 500 Mb per month allowance, so you may find Fortnite stops halfway through a game when you least expect it.

Any serious Fortnite player will require the best VPN. This will offer unlimited bandwidth, the fastest download speeds and the lowest ping times, and the ability to change location to city level if required.

ExpressVPN is the best gaming VPN because it bypasses any geo-restrictions, and can quickly stop any school restrictions from blocking your access.

It runs on more devices than any other VPN, so no matter what device you play Fortnite on when in school, it will have you covered.

With this VPN, you will have unblocked Fortnite, and you will be the envy of all your friends. With little lag, you will gain the advantage and will quickly mount up your kills.

This VPN is quite simply the best VPN to use in school, and to test how good it is, you can use the 30-day money back guarantee like a free trial.

Once you see how good it is, there is no way you will want to affect your Fortnite rankings and choose another.

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