Flixtor Review

There is a massive uptake of streaming websites on the internet, which are all trying to be the best one.

Some are slick in design while having small video libraries, while others are clunky to use but deliver masses amounts of movies.

Delivery methods also vary between services, so the levels of safety and security will change quite a bit between these competitors.

Flixtor open source media streaming app

There is a newish contender that is placed right in the middle and has a sleek user interface, and also delivers access to over 2 million content files.

While Popcorn Time was seen as the top dog, could Flixtor be one of the best alternatives to Popcorn Time, and infringe on its crown?

Stay Safe When Streaming With Sites Like Flixtor

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What is Flixtor?

Back in 2016, Flixtor was touted as being an open-source media streaming app, but in the run-up to now, the site was shut down, so things might have changed in the eyes of the developer.

What users do get now is a search engine for movies and TV shows that are fully automated. Every hour there are hourly scans of the internet, and any new content which is of the desired quality is automatically listed on the site for instant watching, and in some cases download.

Some of the Flixtor features are as follows:

  • Search filters on the website allow you to quickly search through different categories such as the highest number of downloads to more specific entries of date, popularity, and even recommended choices for you.
  • The ability to watch the movie or show trailer
  • Access to 2 million links

Is Flixtor Legal

This question could be answered differently by whoever was being asked. In the word of the law, it doesn’t actually say it is illegal to stream movies.

This is what is called a very grey area, and will no doubt be cleared up with the number of sites allowing viewers to watch movies for free.

Now, in the eyes of the law, ‘Is Flixtor Legal’ and they would say no. However, Flixtor doesn’t host any content and only delivers links to these sources which will be illegal.

A lot of the movies which are online for free are from illegal sources, and this is what the governing agencies with the help of ISP’s are frowning upon.

With this in mind, users might be worried about their safety, so, is Flixtor safe to use? We will see.

Flixtor data privacyIs Flixtor Safe to Use?

The developers have gone a long way to protect users, and the state in their FAQ’s section that your ISP can see you are visiting the site, but what you are watching from that point forward, they wouldn’t know.

Because the Flixtor movies come from a different source, and they say they don’t use a torrent client to stream the film, then this won’t show up on the ISP’s detection.

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However, taking the word of a website that delivers illegal content should be taken with a pinch of salt, and viewers are advised to err on the side of caution and think they can be tracked of what they are doing, and what they are watching.

For this reason, we advise all users of the streaming site should look at using VPN services for full protection.

What Devices Can I Watch Flixtor Movies On?

So far, the streaming site might appear to be the same as all the others. It is capable of being used in most browsers, but it does perform better when used in conjunction with Opera or Chrome.

All you need to do then is select the movie or show you want to watch and wait for enough streams to deliver the content to your device.

Platforms supported on the desktop are Windows, Mac, and also Linux, but it is the Android app that makes things very different to other services.

Although the Flixtor app isn’t available in the Play Store, you can easily download it from https://flixtor.en.uptodown.com/android. There are a free version and a Premium version that doesn’t contain ads.

The downside to the app is you will need an external media player to watch your shows or your movies.

The significant upside is something many Flixtor alternatives will be looking to follow. With the VIP version you can use Chromecast or Airplay, and this is a first from any streaming services.

Flixtor Alternatives

Before looking at how you can adequately protect yourself when using Flixtor, or any other streaming site, we will list a few alternatives which might be handy to keep.

Flixtor is gaining a lot of attention, and it has already been down once, so if this day comes again, you have somewhere else to go.

MoviesJoy Flixtor AlternativesMoviesJoy – A free TV streaming and movie service that comes with Zero ads. HD streaming is included, but during testing, some of the content was not full HD, and a lower quality was streamed. Closed captions are there if used, and there is no way to turn them off. Only 1,000+ titles.

WatchSeries – This site has an extensive catalog of shows and movies. It suffers from many more pop-ups than other streaming sites, but using a VPN can eliminate these somewhat. Ads do need to be closed when on the site, but once you are movie streaming, these don’t interfere.

Other streaming sites you might not have heard of are:

  • SeeHD.Uno – Very similar to Flixtor in looks.
  • AZ Movies.xyz – Minimal ads, and with a clean interface.
  • FMovie.cc – Movies, TV shows, and Anime are all included on this great site. Plenty of easy to navigate search options.
  • Streamlikers.com – No sign-up required to access one of the best alternative sites.

There are plenty more of these, and there are lots of them that are using P2P technology to host the shows and movies.

As mentioned, this leaves you open to being tracked, and with data retention rife in Australia, the use of a VPN needs considering before using any of these sites.

When you stream movies, it might appear to be innocent, but it is behind the scenes where things are happening.

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With IP addresses being tracked, and online profiles being built up of users, then now is the time when the best VPN’s can deliver military-grade protection.

As a comparison, Flixtor does try and protect its visitors without just using the site or apps to bombard with ads.

All other streaming services will now be looking at Flixtor to see how they can improve what they do.

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