How to Watch Channel 4 On Demand Live in Australia

Channel 4 is a public broadcaster in the United Kingdom. It broadcasts content from third-party creators and has a long list of shows and documentaries including the long-running Channel 4 News and Dispatches.

Channel 4 shows

Get Channel 4 Live in Australia

It broadcasts history programmes and real-life documentaries from time to time and has attracted controversy quite sometimes.

You can watch channel 4 documentaries and other shows online. Let’s see what they bring to the table.

All 4 – Channel 4 on demand service

This free-to-air channel has some fantastic content to look out for, and you can catch them up online with the All 4. Made in Chelsea in Channel 4It helps you to watch Channel 4 live online stream or save the episodes to watch them later. If you missed the Made in Chelsea or Hollyoaks episodes catch up online with this 4oD service.

Not only does it contain videos from 4, but also the sister channels’ catalogue, of E4 and More4. While the archives have a lot of content, most of the shows are available only for the next 30 days after the airing of the episodes.

The quality and range of programs available there are comparable to the offerings of the premium British channels.

Some of the popular series include Come Dine with Me, Black Mirror, First Dates and Kitchen Nightmares. Then, there is this reality show Gogglebox.

If you are more into thrillers, you are spoilt for choices. Channel 4 offers thrillers such as 24 Hours in Police Custody and Car S.O.S. And what else in this freemium service?

You can watch the streaming anywhere, with a device connected to the Internet. Android, iOS and even Windows platform are supported.

You can also download Channel 4 videos on the app to watch them later at your comfort. And if you are home, you can get All 4 on your computer’s web browser or your favourite gaming console.

How to get Channel 4 on demand?

It goes without saying that the free service of Channel 4 is a value for money. You get to watch some of the NFL matches and also F1 races.

And it also has American programmes. Yes, the viewers of Channel 4 get shows like Big Bang Theory and Homeland for free. Tempting, isn’t it?

But like BBC and others, their service is available only in the UK. There is a workaround though, using the top VPN for Australians.

Unlocking Channel 4 by using VPNA VPN service allows you to access such geo-restricted services. Upon connection, the VPN server encrypts your network, and the device gets an IP address of the server’s country.

So, if you connect to a VPN server in the UK, your device us virtually in the UK. The Australian IP is no longer seen, and the systems at All 4 provides you with the content you want. To know more about how VPN works, you can check our guides.

But which VPN should I choose? Well, there are many free VPNs available, but for a trouble-free streaming experience, you should go for a paid VPN like ExpressVPN. It has one of the best encryptions available, and ExpressVPN service is also one of the most reliable. It also supports network speeds required for a buffer-free video watching.

The encrypted network gives you privacy while you are streaming live videos and keeps you safe from any surveillance.

And however technical VPNs may sound, they are not that much. ExpressVPN has apps to simplify the setup process on your devices.

Read about our ExpressVPN review and the setup process to get an insight of it, and how easy the setup and its use is.

So, what’s next?

Now that you got the much-needed access to All 4 register yourself. Yes, you can watch all that’s streaming without any registration, but registering has its benefits.

Channel 4 offline watchingThe process is simple with just your name, email ID things and nothing more. Oh, yes, you also need the real UK postcode handy to input it there.

The process requires the postcode to comply with the British TV licensing regulations. After successful registration, well, sign in. That’s your personal space to maintain your favourites and also allows you to download the content for offline watching (app only).

You are also allowed to access the archive to see what’s in the bag. As said earlier, some of the content expires and is no longer available in the files.

Broadcasting rights vary from content to content, you know. But there is still a lot in the database for you to get lost in.

Have fun!

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