The Best VPN for Netflix in Australia

Ever since Netflix went global, it has separated its libraries based on regions (countries) so that it can conform to licensing restrictions. This means that only people living inside the US can access its US library – which happens to be the largest, most entertaining one the service has to offer.

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Australians who had previously been accessing the US library by circumventing geo-restrictions using VPN and SmartDNS technology, got their own Australian Netflix library, but it’s nowhere near as good as its US counterpart. In other words, it’s still a few years before you can say goodbye to your VPN service provider and enjoy a quality Netflix library native to Australia.

In the meantime, you need to consider whether it’s better to use Smart DNS or VPN Netflix geo-locking circumventing solutions.

Advantages of using a VPN service to stream Netflix

SmartDNS technology is all the rage right now, with proponents pointing out that it does not degrade bandwidth like traditional VPNs; it does not require you to run complex software or go through the trouble of choosing various settings and server locations; and that it runs on any device that lets you manually configure DNS settings.

While this is undoubtedly true, today’s VPN services are a far cry from those that were being offered 5 years ago. VPN service providers have recognized the competition offered by smart DNS Netflix solutions’ simplicity, and have recognized that they need to soup up their services in order to retain that segment of their clientele which only wants a solution to get past location restriction.

To this end, high end VPNs today offer intuitive apps for all popular platforms such as Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iOS and Android. They have also made their interfaces more simplistic, and increased the number of servers in the US to allow individuals to access Netflix US with ease. In fact, you may even find a free VPN for Netflix today such as HotSpot shield – however, I wouldn’t recommend this because a Netflix VPN free solution would be unreliable in terms of speed and connectivity.

Unfortunately, recently, Netflix decided to crack down against location pirates – people who were accessing libraries for regions that they weren’t located in – by targeting VPN connections. This has resulted in several VPN services being unable to offer Netflix US access to its clients.

ExpressVPN is one service that works!

ExpressVPN for Netflix

Before you decide to switch to a Netflix DNS proxy though, you may want to give ExpressVPN a look. ExpressVPN utilizes the OpenVPN encryption standard to provide you with exceptional privacy, and has a vast range of US servers that still work with Netflix without a hitch. This is probably due to the fact that ExpressVPN is an exceptionally high end service provider which continually improves its service for its customers. While they ask for a relatively pricy subscription fee, the link speed they offer is exceptional, and allows you to stream Netflix in HD and UHD qualities. Plus, you get unlimited bandwidth, so you can go on those famous binge-watching sessions without any concern!

Besides being an excellent Netflix Australia VPN solution, this service will also help protect your privacy online in light of Australia’s recent metadata collection legislation.