The Best Free VPN Australia

Using a Virtual Private Network in Australia has become that much more urgent ever since the passing of the infamous ‘meta data’ legislation that lets the government inspect data pertaining to your online activities.

Free-VPNYour ISP has no choice but to monitor and stores data about what you’re doing on the internet – they’re bound by law to hold records for a period of 2 years – paranoia based security that is ultimately taking additional money out of innocent people’s pockets just so they can keep their browsing and downloads anonymous.

Cyberghost free vpn

In the early days, VPNs were pretty exclusive services – you had to pay big bucks for them, and they were viewed as largely corporate solutions.

Nowadays, though, there prices have gone down so low (thanks to an increase in their demand and the general public becoming more security conscious), that cheap VPNs are well within the reach of the average consumer.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt if there was a VPN Australia free, which would provide you reliable anonymity without charing you a dime. If you’re wondering how to get a VPN free in Australia, you’re in luck, there are a few options that you could try – but the best free VPN software for Aussies, at present, is CyberghostVPN.

Read on to find out more about this remarkable VPN free Australia service:


Cyberghost VPN free

Enter CyberGhost VPN: based in Romania, they’re the only provider that offers a free Australian VPN service that lives up to its name. This free doesn’t mean a truncated, shabby, shareware-ish VPN client that runs for a few minutes before developing a connection problem, but a robust and reliable program that runs like a paid program at no cost to you.

CyberGhost free online VPN is available for download on Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android and even Linux. It runs at more than decent speeds, and you get to enjoy the anonymity and protection of a paid app for free.

Naturally, you will find that their paid premium version is much faster than the free version, but that isn’t really the agenda here. If you’re able to sit through a few ads trying to sell you the paid version of the product when you launch the program and are OK with being restricted to a reduced amount of servers, the free version will do you just fine.

Incidentally, of the 705 servers the service has got up and running right now, 16 are in Australia – but only accessible to premium users. Most of the servers which can be accessed by the free Australian VPN version are located in Europe and the US, so you should be prepped for some speed drop.

In any case, the service is a lot better than the likes of HotSpot Shield Australian VPN free, which has severe connectivity issues and pushes ads aggressively.

It’s either tolerating the speed drop or ponying up cash for a premium VPN right now since there aren’t any other free smart DNS or VPN services that get better than this. Which brings us to the next section…

Why is a paid VPN still better?

There’s a reason why paid is always better than its free version: there is nothing free in this world – the service, in our case the VPN, costs money to maintain its servers, pay for the software developers and engineers responsible for running it, pay for expensive network protection (NAT firewalls, private DNS servers), and so on.

firewallThink about it, a VPN service that has its servers spread all over the globe will have to pay a huge sum just to keep their systems synchronized and organized. This is true for any VPN service free out there today, including top free VPNs such as CyberGhostVPN.

While CyberGhostVPN is decent enough to use its Australian VPN free simply to market its paid services through innocent advertisement and limited connection speed, others may not be so kind.

Other free Australian VPN services could use your computer to serve others as bandwidth (think of a P2P network topology where every node has to contribute), monitor your activity and keep logs that they could sell to third parties for cash, and even push scripts and plugins to your browser to aggressively advertise.

In the worst case scenario, you may think that what you’re installing is the best free VPN for Netflix, but it’s really a trojan that loads your computer with malware, and before you know it, you end up doing an entire system wipe to get it to just work once again!


The conclusion, therefore, is that if at all possible, you should make it a priority to get a paid VPN service to protect your privacy over the internet. Free VPN services such as CyberGhostVPN that are actually true to their word and transparent about their privacy policies are extremely rare, and even they don’t give you a completely ad-free and unrestricted online experience, as you’ve seen in their free VPN review above.

So, rather than installing a shady free VPN client, I would advise you to choose a decently paid VPN service such as ExpressVPN especially if you want to get American Netflix or access HBO Go or even stream Hulu Plus.


ExpressVPN has a standout reputation, even among the top paid VPN services, thanks to its uncompromising commitment to reliability, quality, and privacy.

With servers in 78 countries (including Australia), intuitive apps for the popular operating systems, simultaneous connection support, and a stellar customer service team, there’s no denying their name as one of the best VPN services in Australia.

They use the industry standard OpenVPN encryption protocol with SHA 512 and 4096-bit authentication, as well as AES-256 bit CBC to encrypt data streams – this is the kind of security that could only be breached if you had an entire government agency up against you, and frankly, if that was the case, you’d have bigger problems to worry about.

The best bit is that they’re based in the British Virgin Islands that aren’t subject to EU and US data monitoring laws, so you don’t have to worry about the recent metadata legislation with them.

The subscription cost is a bit higher than the market average, but it is insignificant compared to the truly premium service you get.