123movies Unblocked

One of the top sites for streaming movies for free has been 123movies. This has rafts of titles available which is more than enough to satisfy any hardened movie watcher something to feat their eyes on.

However, in March 2018 the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) which represents all the major movie studios branded 123movies proxy websites as the most popular illegal sites in the world.

123movies is up and running

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Although 123movies is up and running again for the moment, there are many organizations that would want to know once and for all that 123movies is blocked.

Where is 123movies Hosted?

This streaming service is hosted in Vietnam so at present it is out of any jurisdiction from any American agencies.

However, the Vietnam government is working with these people in a bid to shut down the site. Although it hosts thousands of movies to watch, the site doesn’t host any content and only provides the links.

123movies streaming servicesFor Australian users who wish to make use of the site, it is wise to take some precautions. Why is this a concern?

A user of this site has no idea where the content comes from. If you take the 2-year data retention regulations in Australia, all of your connections will be stored.

From here it wouldn’t take the right people to find users who are watching copyright protected material.

Rather than prosecuting the site, they will focus their attention on the users which was the case with torrenting.

123movies Alternatives

With all the attention 123movies receives, users might wonder what they can do to get away from the site but to continue watching the best movies for free.

There are a couple of alternative sites such as Solarmovies. This site works in much the same way as 123movies, but you can become bombarded with ads and pop-ups.

123movies AlternativesAlthough these might be seen as an annoyance, they can somewhere along the line infect your system with unwanted software.

Another site putlocker.to is also very similar in the way it works. This originated in the UK and grew to attract millions of users on a daily basis.

In 2016 it was blocked by a UK court order. However, the domain address has changed multiple times to keep ahead of these site closures.

No one is sure which the real site is, or which ones are proxy sites because there are at least 50 floating around the net. The same precautions should be taken as with both of the above websites.

What Precaution to Take?

The number of sites blocked in Australia along with the UK and the USA is growing. This means internet access is being restricted almost daily.

Aside from this, the amount of copyright infringement notices sent to users is at an all-time high.
These two factors alone have contributed to the rise of VPN use in users of these 3 countries. If you want Internet access without these limitations being imposed by an ISP, then you definitely need a top VPN service.
Not only do these VPN’s allow the unblocking of blocked websites, but they also prevent your ISP from tracking your activities among other things.

For Australian users, there are only two viable options to choose from for a first class VPN provider.

A few things you need to consider in your decision are the size of network coverage and sever placement.

This is crucial because many VPN’s have smaller networks and support for Australia is lacking because these companies tend to focus on Europe and the USA.

Next up is the reliability of the network. There is nothing worse than watching one of the latest movies to find the server you’ve connected to has gone down or become overloaded, and your movie halts half-way through.

Encryption is also to be placed at the top of the list. Some VPN’s have leaks, and your IP address can be seen even if it is only for a few seconds. This is more than long enough for an ISP to know what you’re watching.

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Platform support is also high on any list of requirements because not everyone wants to watch moves on a PC or a Mac.

Home media boxes, gaming devices, smart TV’s and cell phones and tablets should all be covered so users can either access this content while at home or on the move.

The top 2 recommendations are ExpressVPN which does come out on top of the second place VPN. When you read a NordVPN review, you can see it fares well.

However it falls down to being transparent. It is based in Panama but payments go through an American company, and it lacks in server robustness, and the user interface is a little clunky.

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